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I haven't made any new friends yet , so i'm thinking back to the days of fun and being bad .
The time was high school , 16 years old , I was dating -- Pam -- We met thru mutual friends .
She was tall thin with long legs , baseball size tits and a beutifull ass .
I drove over after school one afternoon , she invited me in . We started making out and groping each other like teenagers do , i'm hard as rock , she's soaking wet . We start stripping , she pushes me down on the couch and starts licking and sucking my cock --- I can still remember that feeling . She had full lips that wrapped tight aroung my shaft all the way down to the base . I was enjoying pure bliss , then the phone rings -- it's her mom checking up on her -- She is standing there , naked , on the phone being reminded that know one is to be in the house with out supervision -- she is smiling as she listenes and sit's down on my still hard cock . She is grinding away as she hangs up the phone , my cock barried deep in her tight wet pussy , she is very wet knowing she is defying the rules of her home . She starts to cum , making my lap very wet , when she stops shaking , I roll her over , enter her from behind , I start pumping her deep , pussy juice running down her thighs , i'm so turned on seeing my cock banging that beutifull ass , i'm about to cum . She stoppes me , pulls off my cock , glazed with her juices , takes me again in her mouth , sucking hard on my head , stroking me with her hand , I cum in her mouth , she swallows most , some runs down her chin on to her chest---- it's a beutiful site .
She wipes of her face , we kiss , she tells me , thanks for cumming over , but now I have to go .

As she closes the door behind me , I can't help but to feel a little used --- It excited me .

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5/8/2006 5:17 pm

I loved high school...as a matter of fact my most free sexual relationship was with the one I dated in Highschool...your post reminded me of the night we were on a bus traveling to Washington DC ,on a band trip. His mother was a Band Booster chairman and sitting a few seats behind us. Little did she know not only did her son get the blow job of his life but also the best lap dance he ever had...we both reminesce about that night after 20 years we are still good friends....

BADBOYARISES replies on 5/9/2006 11:53 am:
aaahh yes , high school was the best . Wish I new more adults that still like to be that free .

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