Nothing Lasts Forever  

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Nothing Lasts Forever

6 Things Left Behind As Technology Marches On

I found an article in our local paper and was totally amazed by what I read. I than thought about it and found it to be very true.

Can you guess what those 6 things are that have been left behind as technology took it's place?

Not your car, your most comfortable and broken in tennis shoes. However, technology is hastening natural obsolescence, yep that's right.

Icons we have clung to for decades are fading away as we find other, more convenient ways to find addresses, find maps, heck even tell time and pay our bills.

Ok, how many of you have written a letter, I mean actually sat down with a pen and paper?

The pen and paper letter has been eclipsed by it's electronic cousin, the computer. You know each day around 131 million of us write and send an emails, This was done by a survey conducted earlier this year in Washington by the Pew Internet and the American Life Project. Emails are the most popular activity among Internet users, they say by 65% of those online.

Any body know what the 6 others are?

Number 1
- Encyclopedias/Dictionaries -

I can remember when I had that 26-volume set and I can also remember when the salesman came to the door selling them and my Dad and Mom brought the set.

Now we have the Internet or we can buy the CD-ROM and in some cases comes with the purchase of a new computer.

Number 2
- Wristwatches -

This one I find hard to believe, but there are quite a few companies that don't allow employees to wear watches, rings, and bracelets for safety reasons.

But heck all we have to do is pull out the good old cell phone and there you have the time or if your on the computer you have the time right there in the lower right hand corner. Plus most cellphones also sync with local time so should you travel overseas you can get the time instead of learning the phase "Excuse me, can you tell me the time?"

Number 3
- Checkbooks -

This is so true, I hardly ever write a check now. About 53 million people or about one-quarter of all US adults are banking online according to a survey done in February of this year by the same group mention earlier. According to Chase Bank about 80% of it's customers bank via the Internet.

So no more waiting in line at the grocery store, just pull out your Credit Card or Debit Card and slide it through the card reader slot. But there are those who still use the check book holding of the line while the cashier writes down all that important information.

Plus the debit card is so popular according to Chase Bank that 98% of their customers use them.

Number 4
- CDs -

In what was it 1982 the compact disc was the new cutting edge of Audio Technology which reached the US.

In 2000, 942.5 million CDs were sold according to the Recording Industry. But as the times, tunes have changed, CDs remain the most purchased form of music, but sales have dropped in 2005 to just 705.4 million.

Music downloads from the Internet is now the thing today. We have purchased and downloaded 139.4 million singles songs in 2005, a 163% over 2004, the first the Recording Industry tracked downloads. Album downloads totaled 4.6 million, up 198% in the same period.

They say much of the growth is to the iPODs and other digital players that can store up to 15,000 songs on a device smaller than a deck of cards.

Did you know in the first quarter of this year that watch sales have dropped or fallen by 15.6%? Yep that right.

Number 5
- Phone Books -

Sometimes when your home and just sitting down reading or something you hear the big thud outside your door, or you come home from work or shopping and in front of your door are the big and latest phone books.

But as we say times have change we have the Internet now, where before we had the pay phones with the big books and the numbers weren't available anywhere else.

Now we let, hmmm...what was that saying? Let the fingers do the walking. Now we let our computer mice do the walking with just a few clicks of the mouse at sites like DEX or the Yellow Pages.

The phone book will always be here, but much thinner as time goes on, so instead of the big thud you may have just a tap at your door. Hey if the power goes out or your palm pilot goes out due to dead batteries, you will need that phone and you will be thankful that you didn't throw it out.

Number 6
- Glove-compartment Maps -

How many of you remember buying that map at the gas station or in the drug store? I know I use to have quite a few in my glove box.

Now thanks to the Internet we can get online maps, plus we also have GPS navigation systems. Plus there are the web sites like mapquest, or This has taken the time to stop at that gas station and ask for directions.

Oh yes what would we do without TECHNOLOGY today.

I know I would be lost for I haven't done any of these things in many, many years.

How many other things we have used yesterday and not today?

I can name one or two.

Oven/Stove - I use the mircowave, with what you can purchase in a mircowave combo you can do anything.

Pay-Phone - They have just disappear, you can use cellphones, I haven't seen one on a corner or at a store or gas station.

Can you name any?


LapALotta 55F

7/14/2006 6:36 pm

The only thing on this last that I haven't used within the past week is the pay phone. Oh boy .. I even write letters!

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