When god was young  

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When god was young

Three goddesses and two godlings sit around the eternal fountain of youth, dabbling their toes and generally goofing off. A young, handsome, freshly created god arrives to share in their dalliance.
"Were you invited?" demands the oldest goddess, a motherly type with certain beliefs on propriety. Specifically that whatever she wants at the moment is the only proper thing.
"I am god, so I may go where I please." answers the youngster.
"Mother Green, we are short one male member to round out this party, and I've not been getting shafted because of this very shortage." The dark haired night goddess crosses her arms over her naked modest bosom and pouts her lip.
"Well young god, what can you offer our group that we don't already have?" Mother Green asks, "I have the lusty nature covered, Aurora, although lonely at the moment, has the sex appeal, Media has the stamina of the entire ocean behind her, and these two strapping youngsters we've been playing with are both budding war gods just about to graduate into world war status. What can you offer?"
The young god rubs his jaw, scracthing at the just filling in whiskers. "Well..." he brightens. "I AM the god of World Peace, and enlightenment... without war, all the energy of the men everywhere will be directed into sexual outlets, and thus to me... So I may be rather unskilled and fresh at the moment, but put your support and faith in my future might, and I will be able to satisfy all three of you forevermore."
"Well answered my young paramour." Mother Green draws Peace to her ample bosom. "Media, usher those two washout wariors away from our spring, for we now have peace."

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I enjoyed the read

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