familiar Sensation of Love  

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8/5/2006 5:07 pm
familiar Sensation of Love

It will be too long a time until I kiss you and I hold you close, your naked body embraced in my arms. It will be too long a time until I feel your receptive passion build within your body to a pinnacle and exciting climax. Our bodies craving to become one as we’re nestled so close together. These thoughts, I’ve envisioned daily in my mind, they make my heart skip a beat. My desires are to share my passion, my heart and my affection with you; I cling to a hunger to embrace your body, touch your mind and for a lifetime of devotion with you. I feel alive surrounded by your spirit, should you offer me your ever-lasting unconditional affection.

I dream everyday of you lying on top of me with your silk covered thighs moving responsively together with mine; we fit together as if sculpted as one, more close and scrupulous than you’ve ever accomplished with anyone before.

Your soft and supple breasts are standing out, with nipples exposed from below the loose lace on your bustier, pleasurably, they’re hardened and standing fully erect. You bend forward towards only inched from my face, and then recline back once again, mere seconds and you repeat. Rousing me with your bare breasted erotic dance and sexy display, I’m altogether stimulated following your lascivious influence.

Now you’re breathing is brief and your pulse it’s quickened from the increased opportunity from your heart to flourish and bloom. I can feel your breath on my neck and your heartbeat pounding against my chest. I twist my fingers to tantalize and excite your nipples, I taunt you and you take action to situate them close to and over my mouth, I lovingly suck and nibble on them, then blow breezy air across them. With my tongue I lick and twirl around your nipples as they swell beneath my salacious seduction. Tempting and persuading your brazen and licentious actions, you feel my hardened manhood slide up between your thighs, under and near to your vulva. It’s head spreads your swollen labia folds open and penetrating your welcoming opening of your vagina, your lover’s tunnel. As you recline backwards forcefully pushing the length of my cock into your vagina you feel its satisfying width stretching deep towards the inner most depths with in the walls of your vagina.

I feel your body instantly respond as your hip and thigh gyrating becomes more aggressive. To both of our delight, we encounter immeasurable pleasure from our hip grinding pelvic dance; my swollen shaft is swallowed balls deep within you… I feel your pussy muscles and those swollen lips tighten their grasp against my cock and balls. You rhythmically squeeze your thighs together and replicate over and over, until I surrender the inevitable and relinquish into a thundering orgasm, man-go-juice overfills your love tunnel from within its depths. I arc my back upwards to thrust my cock ever deeper inside of your pussy, your cooze welcomes, and swallows up, the entire length of my hard throbbing shaft. While you’re blissfully riding my pulsing cock to ecstasy, you’ve pursued with feverish anticipation for the culmination of our combined lust for each other.

Each time we embark on these familiar sensations, our lovemaking exhibits that you’ve forever gained an appreciated and respected dominant understanding of my desire for cock and ball play. You recognize my embellished craving regarding how I love to have my cock and balls tortured and played with during our lovemaking. Today you have an extra powerful hold and I’m enjoying an even tighter grasp around my engorged cock! Your pussy massages and strokes me with exquisite expertise; presumably, you’ve gained with so many hours of passionate practice masturbating with your toys.

You on no account settle yourself until hours of lovemaking have passed between us. We prolong our rhythmic seduction for each other’s pleasure; we ambitiously coach each other towards another simultaneous orgasm, from previous familiarity we know these to be such a magnificent climax. After which we both share some thoughtful words of feelings on sharing our lover’s most intimate and amorous experience.

You’re vivacious; you’re spirited and feisty. For minutes at that very intended moment you’ll shudder to a trembling climax, which coax my eruption from deep within my jewels. Your smile beams with satisfaction, at the same time your fluid flows from in you to meet my semen rushing forth, together we bond as lovers in conception and creating that of our own, of another little one.

Without saying a word you speak right to my heart, you lay yourself down onto me and melt into my outstretched arms, resting your head against my shoulders. I caress the nape of your neck with my fingers, stroking with my fingers I massage your shoulders and lightly rub down to your back.

Kissing you, your smooth, sweet and wet lips taste of honey and strawberry. I feel your warm passionate heat cascade from within your body. We tickle each other’s souls while you steal my heart; my breath it slips away from me and into you only for a second then in exchange you give it back to me! Your passion and your kisses carry a new life into my vacant heart.

You have stolen my heart my lover, I shall be forever in search of you until I find you. Our destiny is delayed, to turn into intimate lovers and give to each that of our hearts. You have captured to hold my heart, also these thoughts from my mind. My body will pursue you to share the love between us, that which we are making with these written words.

Xoxoxo Your lover,

When the opportunity for us to be together is true we will be, together to hold, to kiss and to care for each other’s wishes.

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