Cyclonic Overlord  

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9/7/2006 8:21 pm
Cyclonic Overlord

Well, anyway, there we were, me and this freaky old psychopath with his tequila-scorched brain, and for the life of me -- nigh on to my mortal soul, yeah - I just couldn't remember why I was doing what I was doing.

So right about there in my train of thought is almost exactly when the insurance and sobriety checkpoint came into view. All 14 cruisers, every single officer looking like he/she really, really wanted something to do, and somebody to do it to. Wasn't going to be me, not this time, not after that eleven year hitch for that bullshit manslaughter charge. What a fucking bum , all the way.

The officer wants to know a thing or two, it seems. That's how I respond, anyway, and it's clear I've guessed wrong again, in that trademarked tragic-comic way that I have fully mastered, after years of study at the feet of an ancient chinese master.


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