we're all going on a summer holiday  

AustinPowersV2 37M
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7/12/2006 2:35 pm
we're all going on a summer holiday

so i'm off on holiday tomorrow for two weeks to the States with some friends and i'll say now that no i didn't actually get a blowjob during any of my lunch breaks, in fact the person who offered it has pretty much gone to ground so that tells you how much of an offer it really was...

and really in general the site is getting a little samey in a way, you make the effort to message some one you get along fine for a while, the messages get progressively steamier and that and then bang not a dickie bird!

why is that? christ i didn't think i suddenly became unapproachable overnight... i do wash you know!

bah maybe i'm being a little bit grumpy for no reason but it just seems like it's all a load of bollocks really!!!

anyway enough of being a moody git, i shall be better when i return so until then ladies happy hunting and know that really all those other blokes are merely a stop gap for the real deal

whoever that may be..........


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