Why does 41 seam so much worse than 40  

AussienSeattle 52M
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6/1/2006 4:27 pm

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6/2/2006 10:54 am

Why does 41 seam so much worse than 40

Hey there goobers !!.

40 seamed like such a cool age and i was loving every minute of it ... years ago I thought that my life would be over when I hit 40 but was pleasantly surprise that really my life had taken a radical turn for the better .. i think its all about the decisions you make and how you look at whats going on around you ... in someways there is more KAOS (gotta love Get Smart) in my life than there was when I was "happily married" but I feel so much more alive and look forward to life so much more ... like I said .. I think its what you make of it ....

Soooooo .. 41 today and although it sounds worse than 40 .. its only a number right ??? -- I'm about to head out and have a few drinkies with some mates from work and get some dinner .. I have a life long friend from Ireland over here (who lives in Sydney right now) so I'm sure he'll force a few beers down my throat

So here's to all the old farts of the world

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