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1/20/2006 1:58 pm

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just something we wrote on someone else

bi straight curious whatever! We are attracted to sexy, smart and funny people; all of us. I believe a reason why men usually don't put bisexual curious or whatever is because it scares some women or men away.
a situation:
two or three couples unaware of each other's sexuality are camping/sitting out by the pool laying nude in the hot sunshine.
All are attractive people and have an inherant hetero interest in the others' wives and husbands...
Add a few drinks and one or more of the couples start kissing...
A wife sees another man cum or a man sees another man cum or two of the wives start kissing(this is starting to sound like two weeks ago lol)...
Eventually even straight people will be turned on by the whole sexual human experience...
Because sex is human; not male or female.
Well, that's the way it's always worked out for us. We've never had any problem with a man or woman walking away because they didn't want to touch a bisexual. But, if they 'knew' one of the men or women were gay from the outset: they'd be uncomfortable and insecure.
what do you think?
thanks for reading. come see our pics!
henry (and Jocie approves of this comment!

AtticusHenry9 44M/46F

2/7/2006 5:58 pm

no thoughts? we stand by and wait ... we might as well get naked in our jacuzzi...any takers?
straight out suggestion
henry and jocie(jocie does not approve of this--she says this makes us like some old black and white comedy with bob hope or the two stooges
no one reads these anyway, i say correctly

slo4cups 46M/37F

3/24/2006 1:31 pm

we agree. we like beautiful open people regardless of there offical orientation status. we dont mind scaring people away, that we probably wouldnt want to get with any way, after getting to know them or should i say getting to know what they are after. we want to share love,affection and fantasy with other like minded lovers. exploring bisexuality is very a healthy and balancing experience. its funny, the typical swingers str8male and bifemale. everything seems to revolve around the bi-female. its the collective bargining unit, that brings two pairs of lovers together to swap like baseball trading cards after the wifes did there best attempts of providing a bisexual show for our enjoyment. then atlast, the full swap. yepie,yepie. how dull and predictable. the whole world, if you told them you shared your wife with another couple, would assume the worst, that your bisexual male anyways. go for it, explore yourself. people will think the worst of you anyway. any man that wouldnt want to grab my hard cock while im fucking his wife, and squeze it and ask me if i like fucking her, is definately not using all his senses. you dont have to feel the guilt of the masses, be yourself and explore yourself, that goes for the lovely ladies too.

my disertation on swapping and your sexual preference.

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