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4/17/2006 10:01 pm

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fun group game by darkmaru0


darkmaru0, 33 C

Finished dinner and getting to know each other, but not
sure how to get things started? Try this game. It's
based on a game Japanese teenagers play, similar to truth
or dare.

Kingmaker or Follow-the-King

You'll need chopsticks (or any other marker that'll
work), one for each person. Mark the first one with a "K".
Then number the remaining, starting with 1. Put them in
a bowl or other container so nobody can see what is on each

Everyone draws a chopstick, but doesn't let anyone
know what they've drawn yet. The person drawing the
"K" is dubbed the king and is allowed to make
one proclaimation during their short reign.

A proclaimation is a command for person #X to perform a task,
such as a sexy dance, kiss #X, fake an orgasm, or whatever
you the king can think up. The king's proclaimation
should be somewhat gender-neutral (unless the subjects
are only one gender) and should not be one of the punishments
to avoid any catch-22 (see below). The king cannot issue
a proclaimation that someone perform on them specifically
(it's lonely being king), but can use anyone else in
the room, including those who are not playing or "out".

It is only after the proclaimation is made that the other
players reveal their numbers and the proclaimation is
carried out.

If a player won't perform the task they are assigned,
a predetermined punishment is administered. Suggested
punishments are take a shot, lose an article of clothing,
get spanked or whatever people agree with.

After the task or punishment occurs, the chopsticks are
returned to the bowl for the next round and a new king is crowned.

This game can go on indefinately, just as a truth or dare
game can. An alternative is that players can be considered
"out" if they suffer a certain number of punishments,
such as lose all their clothes, take so many shots (be smart
here people, the idea is to have fun, not get fall-down drunk),
etc. Remove the highest number and continue to play until
one player is left. You can have a "special reward"
for the one last king.

ckrs2no 41M/41F

4/19/2006 10:58 pm

just testing
henry said you were blocked
interesting game
sure that would break the ice

AtticusHenry9 replies on 4/21/2006 3:36 pm:
yes, thanks! lol
just anuzzer AdultFriendFinder issue
thanks for chatting the other day...
henry and jocie

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