My Life in the Bush of Ghosts  

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9/11/2006 3:13 am

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My Life in the Bush of Ghosts

Friday I decided to try my hand at acting again. I used to do plays and such all the time, some years ago. I haven't done any for about three years now. I figured it would be fun to try it again, and it would probably improve my social life.

So I went to auditions for "Stage Door" for the local community theater. As it happens, I was the only male who tried out. I'm PRETTY sure I got the part. Well, I dunno which part, there are 11 male roles. I don't think I can play all of them.

I'm sure that the director will find other guys to fill the roles, and I wasn't at the second day of auditions so who knows who showed up. What I can say is that there are 21 female roles in the show. Even if there are a couple more men...I'm liking my odds.

rm_Wizardesssss 37F
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9/11/2006 3:51 am

Good luck, I hope you get the part

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