Well, a bit about me...  

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Well, a bit about me...

Ok, Let's see, where shall I begin... How about when I was 22, I was living in Las Vegas, had just gotten my first apartment and began for the first time dressing as a girl. At first I just dressed here and there in my own apartment, never anything special, though my sister, and a couple friends were aware of the way I was living while at home. I would go to work at night at Harrah's Las Vegas as a barback, come home and dress, and have fun just around home. Occasionally I would want more, and would get bold enough to in the middle of the night venture out to the laundry room in the complex I lived at dressed as a girl to do my laundry.lol

During that year I adopted my first alternative name, which was Trisha Jones (a name I liked out of the movie Mallrats). Eventually that summer I managed to make it out for my first time as a girl, still inexperienced, but I just had to. It was arranged for me to go out one night with my Stepdad and his Boyfriend (don't ask), and since I yet knew anything about makeup, my Stepdad offered to do iyt for me and help me out. He claimed he was good at it and could do, but I learned better, I was so embarrassed because I thought I just looked horrific (though a picture from that night still does exist out there on the net). But it was all goood, I still enjoyed myself somewhat, and it began me going out, and also started me on learning to my own makeup from then on out.

Those were the fun parts, though at times it really took its toll on me. Then it got bad. Sometime that summer things got a little out of control, messed up, and my life was turned upside down. I got kidnapped and robbed by some jerkoff I used to associate with and was left completly terrified, and so I left town for Florida. Then for about a month and a half I stayed with my dad, and then returned yet again back to Vegas.

Back again in Vegas, I got a new apartment, in a new area, and returned back to work. I was doing alright, but not coping well with what had happened the year before, in addition to my desire to be a girl. I began dressing as a female regularily on my free time. I was stronger for surviving what I had the previous year, and I began to not really care what others thought and began to go out and about regularily as a female. My makeup skills progressed, and I learned much. I began going through Psychotherapy to help me out, and was enchouraged by my doctor to pursue those things I wanted but was afraid of to some extent. She even got me at a point to begin going out in daylight as a girl, going to my sessions as a girl, and began me on a period of RLE. I managed to make it about 6 months living almost every moment (other than at work), as a female. I was calling myself by then Trisha Raylene Jones, and everything seemed to be going well.

Then when I was 25, I got into a fight with someone. I ended up this time breaking my right hand, which really sucks. I broke it so bad I had to have surgury to heal it, and gained a plate in my hand and the ability to write and do many things with my left hand now as well as my right. After my surgury and period of recuperation to gain use of my hand back, I once again left Las Vegas, and returned back to the Orlando area of Florida for about 5 months.

In that time I had to live again as a boy, because of where I was staying, and also because of the place where I was working. I got to experience three hurricanes over that somewhere (Charley, Jeanne, Francis), which was completly awesome, and began my Love of storms. I had so much fun during Hurricane Charley it was unbelievable, I was so into it, I actually stood out in the storm braving the true power of Nature until after the eye passed over head, and the storm cleared up. What a rush that was.

Then I went back home to Vegas again, and was staying with my mother, I decided I needed to change some aspects of my life, and some of my reputations, so I killed Trisha.lol That was when I decided to become Cailten Angelina Baisteach. Caitlen being another dream, long ago, which I don't think can ever happen, but oh well. The Angelina Baisteach part was a play on my oldest nickname for myself, Aingeal ta Baisteach (which is Gaelic, meaning The Rain Angel), which went back to when I was seventeen and decided I'd teach myself Irish Gaelic for the hell of it. At 26, all was going again great, in place, enjoying my life.

I got yet another apartment, was living life in a way I enjoyed, staying at home, living again mostly as a girl, and just having fun. But I got carried away, started getting out of control, lost touch of the simple things in life, and began doing some things I'd never have imagined myself doing. Then in the summer this year, I first managed to break my left foot, then get evicted from my apartment, then while staying with a friend ended up again in the ER for a severe infection I developed on my arm, and completly fell apart. I decided to this time say goodbye, take what little I could, and leave Las Vegas most likely for good.

On September second I left, got back to florida, and went through a period of two months of recovering from my near brush with death. I got to experience Hurricane #4 for me, Wilma, and finally began to come out of my gloom near halloween. I got a new job again, am soon to get another apartment, though in Florida now instead of Nevada, and am becoming reaccustomed to life, for the time being I'm again restricted to how I live, but only till next month, when I move out of the house I've been staying in with my dad and his roommates. Hopefully this year things will go good, next week I turn 27, and I believe I finally learned some things I needed to learn back in the Desert.

Since then I have recovered somewhat. For quite a time I was like a fish out of water, but have recently began to test the waters surrounding myself and begin once again to break free. Things are on the up, mostly, and That's how they shall stay.

imLadyBambi 59M/52F

4/8/2006 10:22 pm

Fascinating! Very few people are willing to share and open up that much. Even though this was a long blog (and I normally don't read long blogs), your's had me captivated (it was also well written).

Now, having said that, I have one very ignorant question to ask... Forgive me and realize that I do not mean to offend you but which public restroom do you use, the men's or the woman's?

AstarteAstaroth 39M
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4/14/2006 2:02 pm

Well, usually the mens bathroom, though a few times in the past I have used the ladies.. and Once at Bally's in Las Vegas I was in the men's room, but the porter in there called security on me cause he thought I was in the wrong restroom.. though security when they arrived knew exactly what was up and more or less left me be...

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