Swinging, monogamy HEAVENs gate or HELLS fire?  

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9/11/2005 11:11 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Swinging, monogamy HEAVENs gate or HELLS fire?

I have met several people throughout the last 3 1/2 months, and on average 8 out of ten have been great.
For me alone, I've learned more about myself and I want out of life. Of course that's not all figured out, but if it were I'd probably become really dull, god forbid.

Checking out the lifestyles of the those involved in the sex and swinger groups, has brought a whole new open minded view on life. I have gone as far as looking up articles, journals, films (Kinsey), and personal experience, my quest to know more.

Human Behavior is absolutely fascinating! Even when a person truly desires to be in a long-term committed relationship, the person finds the sexual desire for their partner wanes after 3-5 years and gets that "adulterous itch." Scientific studies with numerous animal species and humans have been done to find the "right" answer to what is "normal" behavior. Is it monogamy or polyamory.
True people aren't quite as naturally monogamous as we might like to believe, "monogamy is relatively recent in out civilized history." -Malcolm Potts expert on the biology of sex at the Univer. of CA, Berkeley. It's true do a history study even through art history. Since Adam and Eve the evolution of monogamy is a struggle most aspire to have.
We must become a nation that must stay pent up away from anything not fitting the ideal traditional society. Religions like to take us back to a mythical time when there was no porn, no sex before marriage, no straying once in marriage.
Check your history!! go all the way back to paleolithic times, it's been around.
We are programmed to invision Hell's gates opening with a very special room filled with fire with your name on it. When "unpure" thoughts or actions come. I'm personally tired of that guilt that I should not have!!

So what do you think? Is monagamy a normal, natural instinct or do you think that people just are not genetically programmed to be sexually responsive to a person for the long-term?

Sex is not LOVE, so the casual and consensual extra-marital sex is not a threat to their marital vows, yes/no?
Swinging might actually strengthen a relationship because of the extra communication needed.
Interesting enough women are the dominant gender in this swinging lifestyle.
Things I thought I would never do, I did, and actually enjoyed the experience. Never say never. And talking to people I know then finding out they are swingers, blew me away!

A nation a tight asses, should just bend over and go with the poking flow! Free you wild spirit!!!!!!!!!

TravelingMan524 65M  
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9/18/2005 12:57 am

As a married man of 35 years I found your article quite interesting. Wow a lady of both intelegence and sexual appatite. For all those years I have averaged at first about once a week and recently twice a month for straight sex with my wife. I give her oral to the point of 10 or more orgasims and she gives me just a little about once a year. If this situation doesn't make a guy look for more nothing will. So far I have read hundreds of messages by sexy ladies wanting more sex. I have hooked up with only one so far. From the comments you wrote on Nudist weekend it would seem that we have some intrests in common. If you don't mind a guy 53 who has a muscular build average cock but excelent tongue and who is not the faithful hubby type please let me know. We can just meet for a pepsi and then see if anything hapens from there. Patrick

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