The Sybian Toy  

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The Sybian Toy

What Does It Do?

1) Men & Women can experience intense and multiple
orgasms easily-

From gentle to intense, the Sybian allows one to determine their orgasmic potential. Multiple orgasms are easily experienced with this toy because it allows for controlled levels of stimulation using realistic attachments that match their partner while providing endurance and vibration that a partner cannot provide.

2) Benefits-
Whether your partner likes to watch, is out of town, is tired, or you simply do not have one at the moment, the Sybian provides a non-threatening device that can be used for many situations-

~ A Prelude To Sex.

~ Extension Of Sex

~ First Orgasm

~ Traveling Spouse

~ For Singles

~ For Multiple Orgasms

~ Provides Constant Stimulation
(which many women need to achieve orgasm)

~ Great For Partner To Watch While Other Uses It

~ Sexual Experimentation With Or Without Partner

~ Need For Prolonged & Constant Stimulation

~ Mimics Your Partner With Added Stimulation

3) For Women-
The Sybian for women approximates the male form. It is mountable and can continue stimulation indefinitely for vaginal or anal stimulation.

4) For Men-
The Sybian for women can also be used for men for incredible prostate massage that is capable of providing some of the most intense orgasms a man is capable of when combined with genital stimulation.

5) General Benefits-
Sybian's vibrating, massaging movement reduces and relieves tension. Increases sex drive due to intensified sexual stimulation.

Product Description-

22 pounds with convenient finger grips to carry and move easily.

Is 13.25" Wide, 12.5" Long, 8.5" to top of padded cover and 10" to top overall.

Gearmotor that drives the rotation and may be controlled from 0 to 150 RPM. Motor has the same quality, but a 1/17th HP motor that drives the vibration and this may be controlled from 0 to 6500 RPM.

Other Features-
~ Has both the On/Off switches and the speed control knobs on the end of a 3' cable
for your convenience.

~ Rotation and vibration are independently controlled.

~ Has a detachable 8' power cord that plugs into a fused inlet for your convenience
and protection.

~ Is available in either a 120V or 240V version.

~ Uses internal parts of highest quality available that, in general, should never need
repair or maintenance. A lifetime of pleasure without problems.

~ Has a housing that will withstand over 1000# of weight or pressure.

~ Has a high quality naugahyde cover that can be washed and kept clean with any
good cleaning agent.

~ Uses detachable rubber parts that can be thrown into the sink and washed thoroughly
after each use.

Does it stimulate my G-spot?
It rubs and vibrates that G-spot to incredible orgasms. Yes, as well as being capable of clitoral stimulation.

What about the orgasms, are they somehow different?
Some women experience more intense orgasms than they ever had before. Others experience orgasms for the first time while using Sybian. Women who had been singularly orgasmic can become multiply orgasmic. Partners might notice a partner has an increased response during sexual activity.

How expensive is it?
It's one of the more expensive sex toys... prices range from $800 - $1,400 U.S. dollars. However, I have heard from so many people that it is worth every penny! I suppose when you think about a life time of sexual pleasure and putting a dollar amount on it the cost is not that much.

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