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4/7/2006 7:11 am

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I digress

Now where was I? Ahh yes, this is the point when the other three hot-blooded and drink marines came in isn't it?

The young stud I had just finsihed off was quick at the trigger, as are most young bucks, so I was hungry for somemore. My pussy was still being pounded from behind, and I wasn't in the mood to stop just then. I looked over to the group coming in with hungry eyes, and just smiled...they knew what I wanted.

By now, I was so wet, the big guy had to reach down and dry me off...as he did so, he stroked my clit and I about fell over. he noticed my whimper and decided it was time to flip me over. While he went to get a drink, the other men came over and got acquainted...first one kissed me, then the other, and the third spread my legs and got a nice mouthful of honey for his efforts. i just grinned.

My clit was throbbing, and I was so happy to have someone working it over for me. Both my husband, and the boy next door forgot all about it...the only man who ever satisfied me this way was my master...and who the fuck knew where he was. Raging against him, I grabbed the back of the crew cut in front of me and slathered his face in my sticky juices.

Meanwhile, I had two beautiful, red, throbbing cocks bobbing in front of me. How Funny, i thought, they still have their pants on! Oh well, and began to suckle first one, then the other, enjoying the velvet softness of one, and the salty grip of the other. This was fun...I wondered if i could get both in my mouth at the same time...nope...not quite...damn.

I started to feel my pussy clench oup on me, the tingle in my toes signaling an upcoming whopper of an orgasm. "Shit" I thought, "Not yet", So I ungracefully pulle dhim off of me and repositioned myself to get some more stuffing.

This time I decided I needed to try something new...a little double penetration maybe. As I straddled the largest of the three, I bent myself over as far as i could, and felt another mans thighs slide around mine. As he found my tight little asshole, i gasped...holy shit that hurt...oooh...but damn that felt good. I couldn't think, i was amazed by the sensation. Slowly we found our rhythm, rocking back and forth. I didn't realize it, but I had been hanging on to guy # 3 and slowly jerking him off as I was completely filled.

As i enjoyed the pain, the pushing ,the stroking and the rocking...guy # 4 came back with a glass of ice water. Hungrily I looked up to him, and he obliged by first pouring water into my mouth..then slowly sliding an ice cude down my hot and sweaty breasts. i gasped in shock, and as I did so, I got a mouth full of cock as my reward.

So here I was...stuffed, in every way possible...using my one hand to keep my balance. My head was swimming, my orgasm i had been putting off was so fucking close, i vcouldn't think of anything else. i could hear the men starting to moan...first one...low and deep, heis contractions as he came made me grip harder and tighter. Cum filled my mouth again, and I drank it hungrily.

the site of cum dripping down my face set the guy on the bottom off, he bucked deeper into me, hittin gmy g-spot so bad i screamed out...as hecame, the guy in my ass bit into my shoulder...ohh god the pain was amazing...I was so close...I reached over to the last guy...and quickly swallowed him in as fast as I could...I still had cum on my lips from the last one, but i needed the taste of cock in my mouth...it didn't take long, and i could feel his balls start to clench up and the hot spurts of salty cum hit the back of my throat so hard i started to gag.

Just then...i felt the orgasm starting...the deep, staritn at your toes and working it's way to your hart life threatening orgasm...my mouth opened to let the long held moan out...and then I opened my eyes. Oh SHIT. As i moaned in my ectasy i saw standing in the doorway an outline that I know in my sleep, the unmistakable broad shoulders and wide stance of the one man i cannot refuse...


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