A True Life Sexual Experience--Absolutely True, lol ;+)  

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A True Life Sexual Experience--Absolutely True, lol ;+)

Ok, Ok here goes.
My girlfriend I had in California loved to hang out on the beach after dark. And she loved to have sex on the beach after dark. So one night I decided to make it special. I packed some wine, honey, rose petals, rope to tie her up with, incense, and four dog chain screw-in the ground stakes, and a thick sleeping bag, and a couple of pillows
Well, it can get a little chilly on the beach after dark even in Southern California. So we were dressed in our velour athletic suits and flannel shirts; and we were laying holding each other. So I started to nibble on her neck and kiss it softly; and moved down and start sucking and gently biting her neck. All the while whispered in her ear how beautiful she was; and how intoxicating the scent of her hair and neck were. And how good her warm body felt next to mine.

In the meantime, I started sliding my hand underneath here sweatshirt and velour sport jacket, fondling her breasts and rubbing, tweaking,and sqeezing her nipples until they were rock hard and she was groaning. She really started gyrating and grinding into my body pretty passionately now! Next, I moved my right hand down into her pants and started teasing her clit with my fingers; and teasing and spreading her clitoral hood and pussy lips. And I rubbed them with two to four fingers softly tugging on them and spreading them apart.

By this point she was breathing pretty rapidly, so I turned her head toward mine and started passionately kissing her luscious lips and sucking on her succulent toungue. I also started biting lightly her lower lip and kept it trapped in my lips. She was breathing and grinding hard against my fingers now. So I thought it the right time to unveil the surprize I had in store for her.

To which she quickly acquiesced. So I covered her with half the sleeping bag to keep her warm while I set things up.I twisted the stakes into the sand and cut the ropes to fit. I slowly slipped of her shoes and socks and gently secured her legs to the stakes. All the while, I instructed her to rub her pussy and tits to keep things hot and gooey for me. And oh yes, I removed her pants of course and teased her pussy and clit with a few gentle licks and slurps from my tongue.

Next I built a small bonfire to help keep us warm and to provide romantic lighting for our love-making session. I then set up the cinnamon and vanilla incense and lit the sticks around us.

After licking an sucking in the sweet juice of her pussy and teasing her clit some more,I slipped off her jacket and shirt and bound her hands to the stakes. HAH,HAH..she was at my mercy now!!! :+) She didn't even complain of being cold by this point. She was begging me to fuck her. Of course the wine she had been sipping on all along I'm sure helped this state.

Anyhow, I started at her toes; sucking on them and licking the delicate web in between them. I then ran my tongue and hands up her calves and licked and sucked the underneath side of her knees. I kept moving my hands and tongue and lips up her thighs to a point on the inside of her thighs just about an inch away from her pussy. By this time she was begging me to fuck her. But I told her good thing come to those who wait. And then I buried my whole mouth and tongue into her pussy; and I sucked on her vaginal lips and clitoral hood and clit just for a few seconds as a tease. She was jerking on the ropes so hard I thought she was going to pull the stakes out, lol.

I then grabbed ahold of her pubic mound with my mouth and teeth and started shaking it and growling like a dog. I then moved up to her belly button and licked some wine out of it along with her pussy. Furthermore, I slowly worked my way up her rib cage on both sides with my mouth and tongue. I totally avoided her mouth and neck as I had something special planned for that. And I started to lick and kiss her upper arms and forearms down to her wrists.I then proceeded to lick the palms of her hands; and then licked the fine webbing between her fingers before finishing her off with some finger sucking.

Now came time for the surprize! I removed the honey and rose petals from the gym bag. I drizzled some honey and placed a rose petal in each hand. And then proceeded to lick it out of her hands. I next poured honey on her lips and slowly licked and sucked it off, while engaging in allot of tongue play. I took a shot of wine and drizzled it in her mouth from my mouth. Then i poured some of the wine down her chest between her breasts and into her navel. I then licked it off her chest, stopping to suck and nibble on each of her nipples for a bit, and then lapped and sucked the wine from her navel. So next, I took the honey and remaining rose petals and drizzled the honey and spread the rose petals all over her breasts and nipples, plus pouring some on her mouth again and licking it off her luscious red lips, down across her belly and across her soft pubic hair; and then I drenched her swollen pink and hot, wet pussy lips, and throbbing clit, and swollen slit with the honey. I stuck a rose petal in her pussy and then sucked it out of her along with all the honey from her dripping wet pussy. I then licked the skin of her inner thighs and around her creamy slit while rubbing her g-spot against her pubic bone with two fingers inside her while rubbing her swollen clit with my thumb.

She was really breathing and almost panting hard now! After playing with he pussy for awhile, I licked and sucked the honey and rose petals I had secured to the honey from her sweet, sweaty skin all the way from her pubic hair across her stomach, and stopping to suck and lick and nibble on her rock-hard red nipples; I then went up her chest to her panting, slightly parted lips and licked the honey and rose petals from them. We swapped honey and the rose petal for few minutes with our mouths and her delicious wet tongue.

Having devoured all the petals and honey, I thought it was time to give her the hopefully many orgasms I could milk out of her. I literally buried my mouth and face into her dripping wet snatch and creamy slit. I licked and sucked on her firm clit and labia while using two fingers to rub her g-spot against her pubic bone. She started thrusting against my face a little and straining against the ropes but...hee...hee...she couldn't free her hands or feet to touch me. She began arching her back just a little and started breathing a little heavier and gave out a little whining moan; as she relaxed, I knew she had come just a little. But that wasn't enough! So I started flicking her hard little clit with my tongue slowly and quickly while inserting my thumb into her ass and my fingers into her yummy pink pussy, and moved my thumb and in and out of her ass and pussy. She started straining against the ropes really hard now and lifting her head to try and watch what I was doing to her. My eyes made contact with her beautiful dreamy blue eyes, and I smiled! I dove in on her pussy lips, clitoral hood, and clit and sucked and licked on them all simultaneously while moving my fingers and thumb in her hot cunt and ass in and out of her vigorously. She started thrusting her hips as hard as she could; arching her back; pulling against the restraints hard; and lyed back her head, while her beautiful tits were heaving to and fro to her hard, panting breathing. And she let out this long moaning,groaning almost primal somewhat muffled primal scream for it seemed like a lifetime--it was so wondrous and captivating! She then collapsed totally spent against the sleeping bag while panting like she had just ran a marathon! I moved up to her and cupped her face in my hands and just stared into her eyes and sweetly and gently kissed her. And undid the ropes, and gave her a drink of wine and then some soda.

We held each other for a while while I ran my hands up and down her body, still convulsing from the orgasms. And whispered how beautiful and sweet she was into her ear. Well, after recuperating for several minutes with me caressing and kissing and nuzzling her sweet body, she told me I was turning her on again and she wanted me to fuck her because we wouldn't be finished until we had "made love" as she called it. And she started jacking my cock with her hand. Well, neeless to say, I couldn't believe she had the energy nor stamina to do this! But she persisted in telling me wanted to feel my hard cock inside her! And then she leaned back and spread her legs wide apart for me to let me watch her play with her pussy and clit. Well this was too much to take!

So I climbed between her long silky smooth legs and plunged my cock into her again dripping pussy. I started fucking her gently, every so often pulling my dick out and slapping her pussy and clit with it, and then reinserting it; and I would fuck her hard aiming for her belly button so I could rub her g-spot back and forth. And then I would stop and rub the tip against her clit and around her pussy lips. And make her beg me to put it back in her!

At some point, her legs finally got tired and I climbed on top of her and put my cock in her drenched pussy and started fucking her hard up against her clit with full bodily contact. And I started sucking on her erect hard nipples while grabbing the top of her shoulders with my hands, my arms underneath her shouder blades so I could pound her little pussy hard! And we kissed and played with each others tongues allot. At some point, she started scratching my back while I fucked her hard, and then slow and gently--almost totally withdrawing and stopping, and making her beg me to put my cock back inside her! So I started pounding her hard again and I felt her body tighten and her pussy constrict against my cock. She began moaning and gasping for air while digging her fingernails into my back hard! So I started clenching my body muscles to hopefuly come with her or right after her. She was really moaning and whining now; and her pussy was getting even wetter. She arched her legs and pelvis while pulling me into her as hard as she could! And let out this whining moaning, groaning sound from her mouth with her teeth clenched; and then her body went limp with her eyes closed. My cock began to throb and jerk, while my body convulsed, and I let out a long crying groan as I shot my copious load of semen into her drenched, soft pussy. She just smiled a little and let out a sigh of relief and satisfaction. And I barely had the strength to roll off her to one side and grab her hand with mine and bask in the afterglow together; both of us panting like dogs who had just fought for an hour!

And yes: this whole story is absolutely true. It took place at San Clemente State Beach around may of 1989.

And yes: this is how much I like making love to women!!! ;+)

ArcataCaliChris 48M

10/26/2005 10:21 pm


If you keep up with all these compliments;, your going to start making my head swell!!!

Now stop it!!! LOL! ;+)

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