still playing, and lonely  

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4/9/2005 1:43 pm

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still playing, and lonely

What a day. I sit here writing and know that I should be out looking for something more....

My Breasts:

I love them. They are huge (and natural!) 44DD. I have the most sensitive nipples that crave someones mouth. I was once with this man that knew how to suck them really well. He would suck and suck and tease, but would leave them purple - the bonus, they were rather erect for days (and give me more of an excuse to play with them...) Bras- I hate them. I was once out at the market and decided (finally) to go with out, gave them a good showing. It was interesting to see who noticed that they were just out and about....

My Clit:

Its big and always needs a little something. When I was in University there were times where it just ached to be touched, so there I went in the middle of a lecture and slid my hand down my pants for a little flick or two, naturally didnt sufice, but did what it needed until I could find somewhere (or someone) to relive it. My Pussy as a whole, I really hate pubs. So I get rid of most of them. I love the way it feels to just have very little hair, (and makes whoevers feasting on it get more bang...)

Well, thats about it for me, Any suggestions of good things to play with? How to get myself off in public but in my own little secret way? Sometimes I can just squeeze my legs and get a little orgasm (now thats talent if I say so myself....)

Either drop me a post here, or at AdultFriendFinder

Id love to hear from you.... (and if you get me off, you get big bonus points...)

Mwah. xoxox.

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