Where to go?  

Any1forsixty9 48M
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7/3/2006 3:08 pm
Where to go?

When I first met my wife she was an animal that I could hardly keep up with! She would call me on the way home from work and begin to talk dirty until we both got home and could scratch that itch! We would then proceed to go at it all night long! We could not be together for more than 30 minutes before we ended up naked and swinging from the lights!

This was our life for 2 years and I could have only ever dreamed of a girl more open and free to experiment. Over the last year and a half sex became uncomfortable and then painful. This lead to many doctors visits and ulitmately a hystericomoy(sp). Since Oct of '05 we have had sex twice.

I know she feels very guilty about the change but she no longer has any drive. I am very understanding of her lack of desire and still love her with all my heart. But I must admit I am growing quite tired of warm soapy and lonely showers. She has told me again and again that I should have a friend with benifits, as long as she is unaware it would be ok with her. I am just not sure that I would feel ok after. Even with her permission.

Before her decline in sexual desires we often talked about what it would be like to share our bedroom with another couple or woman. She often told me how hot it would be to see me with another woman. I have to admit that it was a very huge turn on for me as well. I wonder if introducing this to her would be a way to help stimulate her desires?

Do I look? Do I stick with the showers? Were do my morals let me go?

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