Why I Do Not Engage in Breath Control Play  

AnnaDiorSF 41F
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3/9/2006 2:47 am
Why I Do Not Engage in Breath Control Play

I do not have experience in breath control play and it appears there are excellent reasons to avoid this activity. There was considerable publicity about the sub who died a few years ago during a breath control session with a Massachusetts Domme. My recollection is that breath control led to his heart attack.
All of the prominent BDSM organizations have had a long standing policy banning this activity. The groups and clubs who do not allow breath control include The Crucible nightclub, Leather Retreat and the Black Rose (www.br.org). Apparently the Black Rose Board had a discussion on how breath control might be done in a way that is not life threatening and they came up blank.
A while back Jay Wiseman, the author of SM-101 and many other BDSM articles, wrote an analysis of this subject. According to Frazier, the owner of The Crucible BDSM nightclub, “Jay's research is eye opening. There is no margin for error, if you screw up, you're dead. The chances of being resuscitated after a breath play scene gone bad are negligible. . . . His article basically points out that there is more to risk than simply not being able to get enough air, such as the changes it makes in how the heart operates.”
Wiseman’s article can be found at:

rm_masterchaz30 49M
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3/10/2006 7:13 am

I have been looking into the facination of some women with Dolcett. The reason is my continued study of Asphyxia in Womans Orgasm. What I found was that some women desire to be admired as art and these same women are aroused by asphyxia. So I think the facination is something like being in love with love....its all in the mind, but to a woman it becomes very real.

For me, Bondage is all about driving the womans orgasm beyond her wildest imagination and sustain that orgasm...wave after wave. In order to achieve this experience, trust is essential. So Anna, I would agree with you about health concerns and breath play. However, with a healthy female I think breathing restricting devices like coresetts and rope play under and around the breasts would be safe enough to experiment with during the sex play. Another possibility would to create the illusion of the more radical forms of Breath Control Play, rather than actually doing them.

I look forward to hearing your thoughts on the subject.


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