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I have way too many qualities and flaws to list on a site like this. And seriously, who wants to take the time to read them. Maybe I’m wrong, and eventually people will do so.

When you think about it, there could come a time when people actually come with an instruction book. With the Net today, all your thoughts, likes and dislikes could be published starting from an early age. Then, people that are interested in you could read your manual first before initiating contact. But consider the implications that come with that. You’re also exposed to comments from all those who interact with you. I can definitely see a tool being developed by Psychologists that can traverse every online conversation a person had, along with those being conversed with. In essence, they can gain a better understanding of your character by analyzing all the branches of the tree. In other words, they might be able to determine why you reacted the way you did to a given situation by incorporating the personalities involved. Then they could classify you, categorize you, and track you should the need arise.

A tool like that could definitely be a benefit when used to identify the various types of people. Someone sitting at a coffee shop could investigate another person, and gain some forewarning about their personality. Taking it a step further, iPods could be designed to chime different tones signifying the different characters. Heck, you might program your own tones for various personalities and use it at parties. It literally becomes your own personal homing device.

Another advantage to consider is the ability to identify violent people. As a personality is developing over time that exhibits signs of an undesirable trait, proactive steps could be initiated by qualified people that would prevent such development. It is quite possible that society at large could become a better place.

On the other hand, a tool like this might be detrimental to society’s growth. After all, a select few would be responsible for deciding what constitutes appropriate behavior. They may have the power to mold society in their image ‒ which is a whole different issue ( LOL ).

Personally, I am one for safety. If you are reading this and thinking about contacting me, I want you to be assured that my thoughts are already with you. There is no amount of sex that I could possibly want, or need, that would cause you any harm. I’ve said it before, and I will say it again, I detest such acts of violence.

Finally, I only want to play with one sweetie. Yes, she has to be hot, and if I’ve contacted you that’s because you are. And if you’re interested in me, let’s chat on IM and develop a mutual way to meet. But don’t be fooled by my mannerism, I am an Animal in bed ( LOL ).

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