it was an ok day  

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2/26/2006 5:50 pm

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it was an ok day

Intimacy, can you have intimacy and not make love. Yes I believe you can. I think it is important to be able to lay in bed and hold the man you love talk about what the day was like, your plans for the future, wonderful things that you have done with that man in the past. Don’t get me wrong, makeing love with the man you love and, you know he loves you is an amazing experience, and makes for great sex. But in any relationship, if there is not any intimacy, there is no relationship, making love becomes just fucking.

Well lunch was ok; LOL... tractor boy, talked about how many calves they had had at the farm in the last 24 hours, five if anyone else is interested. I know I wasn't.

I have come to the conclusion, that I date him because he has a nice butt, and he is nice looking. Ok, after saying that, it makes me sound shallow. We have nothing in common, and he bores me. I can not help believe that I bore him.

Oh, well, live and learn, I am looking forward to my vacation in May... I told the people that were at lunch today, that I was going away for a vacation in May with out anyone, no kids, nobody. I don’t think tractor boy was thrilled that I was not taking him. Oh well, he is not invited. I plan on meeting someone special and that’s that.

The funny part was that, his friends that were eating with us, invited us out to a camping trip the same weekend, LOL, I did not say what dates I was going.. Figure I would drop that bomb, when the dates are closer.

I have a feeling that by the time the dates in May come around, that tractor boy will not be around much any more. I don’t think its right to continue a relationship where there is nothing there.


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