Angry again with my X husband.  

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8/19/2006 12:08 am
Angry again with my X husband.

12:40 AM
Ok my girls come home in two days the have done nothing but call and complain about their dad since they have been gone. They have what’s left of tonight and tomorrow night and then they I pick them up.

I have a very distinct feeling that my X and I will have words on Sunday, He is so busy being lead around by his Johnson, but his current wife, that he has not freaking clue what his girl likes and dislikes are, what the fears are. He knows absolutely nothing about his daughters, but if you asked him he if he was a good dad he would answer yes I am a great dad. HORSE SHIT!!!!! He would base his answer on, the fact that his child support is never late, HELLO he is in the military of course its not late. Two he plans these great vacations when he has the kids, which the kids hate, he drags them all over the freaking state to visit his wife’s family and his friends. Hey that’s such a great time for the girls. Sitting in a trailer in the dark while he gets drunk with his buddy, and they don’t know anybody.

Tonight the girls call me, fighting in the trailer; I was trying to get things calmed down. My middle on wanted to go in the house and sleep, she is afraid of the dark, (mind you they are in Libby Montana, surrounded by mountains, pitch black out. I talk to her from the trailer to the house, so she can go inside; her drunken father sends her back out the trailer that is a good dad. Then he comes out and starts bitching at them because they are not asleep yet and they are on the cell phone with me. Well hello if he is not going to do the job he signed up for then I will.

My X has not clue about his children at all, and so help me if he took the cell phones away from the girl, and they can not contact me, we are going to have even more words on Sunday, because he does not pay for those phones, I do.

Do they call home sometimes too much, sure, but I will be the first to admit all three of my girls are mama’s girls. But all be damned if I am going to turn my back on those girls. They are all afraid to tell their dad how they feel because they are afraid he won’t love them any more. They are more then happy to tell me off, but they know I will not ever leave them or turn my back on them. The feel their dad’s love is conditional, the girls also know that if it comes right down to it I would pick those girls over any man any day of the week and twice on Sunday, with their dad, they don’t feel that way, they are sure he would pick his wife every time.

I don’t mean to generalize but how come so many man are so freaking stupid. Please don’t take it personal if you are not one of these men, but when give birth to or give sperm to build a child, and you bring that child into the world you have made a commitment to that child. With my X it is only a commitment when it is convenient to him, and his wife.

1:00 AM
Now, my daughters are pissed at me because they got in trouble, but they know that they can get angry with me and get it off the chests and I will love them. My middle on is texting wanting to know why I hate him so much. I don’t hate him, I dislike the way he treats my children. I don’t hate anyone, there are many that I dislike, and I am not afraid to tell them that. He is one of them.

I am to the point now that next time he asks for the girls, if the don’t want to I am not going to make them go. I will come up with something for school or hell; make them get a job, I don’t know. My oldest is 10 months away from not having to go at all she will be 18.


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