A short story ok maybe a long one.  

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A short story ok maybe a long one.

Ok.. I never claimed to be a writer, but I did the best that I could. I thought my latest blog entries had been kinda boring.

It had been a long two weeks, waiting for the medical test results to come back, when they did, I took a long deep sigh of relief, everything was fine. That evening I decided to go out and have a drink and relax it had been a long time since I had been able to relax.

As I got comfortable at the bar, visiting with the bartender that I had known for years, someone from across the room caught my eye. He was clean cut, about 5’10 sandy blond hair, he smiled at me, and I smiles back. After sometime, a fresh drink showed up at my side my bartender friend pointed toward the gentlemen across the bar.

Soon he made his way over next to me, and introduced himself, and I introduced myself, after some small talk he asked if I would like to move to a table and continue our conversation, it seems like a good idea.

After we refreshed our drinks we moved to a quiet table in the middle of the bar, and continued to chat. He seemed very open about any subject we talked about, as was I. I learned he was just in town for the evening, traveling for work, he learned that I was out to relax after receiving my test results. Then out of a blue the man asked me, “What do you enjoy when it comes to sex?” At first I smiled and answered the question, that I enjoyed many aspects of sex, from giving to receiving oral, actual intercourse, and that there were some aspect of Dominance and submission I enjoyed. However, I explained I was not in to the S/m aspects of sex. We continued our conversation for some time. We found we both had some aspect we both enjoyed about sex, when our drinks were gone; we both smiled, and made a decision to get out of the bar.

Mind you I am not the type to pick strangers up in the bar, but for some reason I was comfortable with this man, and new everything would be fine. I agreed to meet him at his hotel; he stopped and picked up a package of condoms and a couple of bottles of water. Mind you the water came in very handy before the night was over.

Nervous, I was as nervous as a whore in church, as someone quoted to me often. After entering his room I sat down on his bed, and tried to relax. He walked over and leaned in and kissed me, it had been a long time since I had been kissed like that, our tongues encircling around each other, his tongue deep in my mouth but his kiss was still soft.

He moved quickly but gently and pulled my shirt up and then unhooked my bra, and slipped them off. He stopped and leaned back and looked at my breast, amazing he said, I blushed, he smiles, and leaned in taking my pierced nipple into his mouth, licking sucking nibbling on one then moving to the other.

It had been some time since I had had a man touch me in this way; it was amazing it felt like electricity running through my body. I finally fell back on to the bed, him lying on top of me, his warm body against mine. He kissed me again then moved down across my neck, down my chest over my stomach, using his hands to unbutton my jeans and pull my pants off, of course I wiggled to help him pull them off.

He went directly to my clit, his tongue licking and sucking, his fingers roamed around my lips not entering just teasing me, he took my clit into his mouth gently nibbling on my clit. He continued to eat me for it seemed like forever, the electricity in my body was amazing, when I finally came, it felt like my whole body was on fire. He moved up over my stomach and kissed me deeply I could taste my cum, as he kissed me.

After a very deep sensuous kiss, I rolled him over onto his back, and kissed down between his legs, licking down his shaft, down to his balls, taking them into my mouth, I could feel his cock twitch in my mouth, my tongue worked up and down on his cock, licking and sucking on it, using one hand to stroke along his shaft with my lips, and my other hand caressing his balls. I worked on his hard cock for some time, he then pulled me up to him and kissed me again.

After a long deep kiss, he reaches down and slips a condom on and tells me to get on top and ride him, as I climb on I am a bit nervous, being on top has not always been the best positions for me, I think it has to do with the size of my breasts, I feel like I am going to hit some one in the face with them. As he drives his cock in me I moan feeling it deep inside of me. We rock to together our hips moving together like clock work. Then he tells me to turn around and get on his hard cock, after entering me, he pulls me back towards him fondling my breasts, for a short time he then moves one hand down and starts to rub my clit as he pumps his hard cock into me. I knew I was multi-orgasmic, but he was putting me to the test, after my third orgasm, he rolled me over on my back, and pumps his cock into me, leaning in he whispers to let him know when I am ready to cum again, he wants to cum with me, it was not long before we were cumming together.

He collapses on to me, and kisses me again, after rolling off of me, he traces up and down over my stomach, with his, fingers, blowing softly over my skin to cool me off. Soon I felt his hands roaming down to my clit rubbing gently at first, them a bit quicker; I quickly was squirming and finding it hard to be quiet. Moaning loudly, soon he rolls me over, entering me again, while he reaches around and massages my clit, he rocks in and out of me, slamming into me harder and faster. After cuming again, he pulled out and continues to rub my clit. Unable to control myself, I cum again and again, harder each time, finally as I am cumming I feel a warm feeling between my legs, for the first time ever, I squirted as I came, at first I was a bit embarrassed, because I it had never happened before. My friend leaned in and kisses me, and asked me what it felt like to cum that hard, I was so exhausted, I collapsed, barely able to speak, all I could do was smile and say “Thank you”


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[And you said you couldn't write, dont be so modest,WOW!

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