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7/24/2005 7:20 pm

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Who knows

So last Thursday, July 21st. Wasn't quite my day. well maybe that would be today??
Right now is good, because I have legal drugs.
I went, and stayed with my lover. While in the process of having him tied up, (yummy) I hurt my left wrist, I went to the ER this morning, because it was getting worse, and it is a bad sprain. The funny thing is, it was while tormenting, lingering over his cock,as I had him tied up that I hurt my wrist.
My splint is called, (Ironic enough) a cock splint. So that was my amusing thought.

He works graveyard so I was by myself.
Really no big there, but there was a lady in the room next to me, for about 45 mins crying, and making labor noises.
She was 6 months. So I went over, and asked if she was by herself, because I didn't hear anyone helping her, and she was.
She had been transferred from another hospital, and was waiting for her husband, who had followed her to the hospital.
So I went to find him, there were 6 nurses over eating, and laughing.
Now there were only 3 patients. I saw the night clerk, and she went to find the lady's husband, because the nurses IGNORED her, and me.
So I went back into the lady's room, because she had asked me too, and I was holding her hand, and rubbing her hair. The nurse who was coming to put my cock splint on passed by and said, oh your together?? I said no, but she was in here by herself, and she has been waiting for someone to bring her husband. This is not cool, she shouldn't have been left like this. The nurse said they were waiting for the blood work, and for an ultrasound tech to come down.
They didn't even have her hooked up to a monitor. So the nurse told me to leave her room, and I asked the lady if she wanted me too, and she said please no, so I said no. Which made the nurse mad.
Now this was not fair, and yeah I had attitude, because I was mad, I have been in pre-term labor, and my daughter was 9 weeks early, I know how scary that is, and to be made to be by yourself is cruel, and wrong.
My sister is a nurse, and while most are good, and caring this one was NOT.
So I was telling my lover, and he interrupted, saying I was all wrong, blah blah blah.
His mom is a nurse, well so is my sister.
So now we are in some weird a** fight, and I am not sure how.
Pretty much I was asked to leave the hospital, since I was done with my hand, and once the lady's husband was there, and she said she was ok was when I left. Which pissed off the nurse.
I guess he feels like I was noisy, and a b*tch, but I don't.
I asked her, and I wouldn't feel right or good about myself if I hadn't asked how I could help her. I feel bad I waited at least 45 mins.
I guess at least I got good drugs, and that I love to masturbate.

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