To be fair  

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7/25/2005 1:26 am

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To be fair

I am a B*tch, not all the way, because he did yell, and was jerky.
He said he didn't yell, it was his voice was raised.
I am quite cranky, because I have just quit smoking. (He still smokes)
I hardly ever get to see or talk to him anymore, because he lives out of town with his parents, and he is working graveyard. (in town though).

I mean clearly there are other things/issues, because even though he moved back with his parents, he used to come over all the time, and always talked with me.
Now even though he works in town he hardly ever comes over, and has reasons for never staying over, or even beyond (usually) half an hour. He maybe stays one night a week now.

which started when I let my ex-husband temp move in my house when he didn't have a place to live.He doesn't pay child support, I had hoped he would at least be a paying room mate.
So ok fine that didn't work out quite so swell.

Therefore he doesn't live here anymore.
I am not stupid, and so fine I tend to try to think of best outcomes. Why does that have to be bad??
It is not like I am borrowing money, thinking I am going to win the lottery.
Or writing to death row convicts, because really they didn't do it.
Or thinking my mother really isn't crazy, after growing up with her.
I see, and admit to reality just fine, just I guess I choose not to act on it sometimes.

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