A 180 degree turnaround in 2 weeks?  

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12/22/2005 9:44 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

A 180 degree turnaround in 2 weeks?

O.K. so I called or e-mailed a few people back. Now even a bigger dilemma. I am so sure of what I like and who I am, I didn't take into consideration two very important things: 1)Emotions are not intellectual. They can creep into the picture even when you're dead set on not falling for ANYONE. I'm a smart girl. I had vocational training and am college educated. So what? If anyone said that to me, I'd have to hurt them. Only this time the harsh realization is I'M SAYING IT. I've become totally smitten over a couple of people. Not only that, the disappointing part each of us experiences has brought my ex-husband......the person I moved away from, FRONT and CENTER in my thoughts. His never ending accepting love, his blow your doors off sex, (his immature,jealous,make believe affairs and blaming) totally minimized now. So what do I do now? Look for a committed relationship?? (The ex already hung up on me blaming me for the way I left HIM. Included his information I have a new boyfriend NOT TRUE.......and asked me not to call him again because he's having an impossible time getting over me.) What's wrong with this picture? There's even someone MARRIED, re-read my profile: no married people, that is not online, locked eyes with me, later lips, will never leave his family, I don't want a family, God knows what will lock next? It's one of those I've been looking for you forever, poltergeist attractions that happens maybe 2 times in your life......this is my second, neither of my 2 ex-husbands. Both disarming, passionate, explosive, (10 minutes alone and who knows what might happen). No mind over matter here. I am so confused I will probably not renew in 4 days. Please advise....ox Ms. Got-it-all-together, yeah.

rm_cities987 40M

12/24/2005 2:04 pm

can't get a hold of you.. changed your email settings

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