What started it all....  

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8/25/2006 5:35 am

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What started it all....

We have been inspired to start a blog by getting a message from feeltheheat36d and reading her blogfeeltheheat36d. So, to get things started here is one of our first naughty experiences.

We were on holiday in the Northern Territory, Australia. We had hired a camper van and were touring around Kakadu National Park and some of the other great wilderness areas in that part of the world. It was mid-winter, but still hot and steamy at that tropical latitude.

One place we stopped was Katherine Gorge, a spectacular series or gorges south of Darwin. We hired a canoe and decided to paddle up through the gorges and camp the night on one of the beaches.

We paddled and dragged out canoe all day, through spectacular high-cliff gorges and over stony rapids and water falls. Then as we turned another breath taking corner the gorge opened out to a wide stretch of water, with a rocky outcrop in the middle book ended by stony waterfalls at each end.

We guided our canoe to the beach on the left hand side, unloaded our gear and chose a camp site. We had the gorge to ourselves and the lick of the camp sites. We chose a spot high on the beach over looking the water to set up our tent.

After all this work we were hot and tired and decided it was time for a swim. We walked to the waters-edge and began to strip down... but I was feeling a little frisky for some reason, maybe it was the fresh air. Instead of stopping at my bikini I kept on going until I was naked. Andy, at first was a little taken aback, but then he too slipped his board shots down. He was clearly aroused already, his little man at full attention.

I took my athletic husband by the hand and walked him into the water with me. We plunged into the water together and swam into the open water, the feeling a freedom and sensuality cascading over us .

We swam over to the rocky outcrop in the middle of the gorge. I climbed up and lay back on the rock... I wanted Andy to make love to me out in the open. He rose out of the water between my legs, the water glistening on his skin.

He caressed my breasts so gently before kissing his way down my body to between my legs. His tounge finding my clit and sending shivers of pleasure through my body.

Then, just as I was about to cum he stepped up on to the rock, legs astride my, lifted my legs back, squated down and thrust his manhood deep inside me.. just as one then a second sight seeing helicopter clattered overhead! What a surprise they got! We climaxed together as the second helicopter retreated over the edge of the gorge.

We lay together on the rock for a while soaking up the scene in the fading afternoon sun before slipping back into the water and swimming back to the beach.

As we put our clothes back on we heard a clattering of a canoe on the rocks up stream. A few minutes later a canoe with two bikini clad girls drifted into view... just imagine what might have happened if they had arrived a little earlier!

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