Ewwww......being stalked and mosted by sotongs!!!  

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7/24/2006 10:55 am

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Ewwww......being stalked and mosted by sotongs!!!

Hey not even guys are spared with molesters. I myself was being approached by a number of stalkers, gheys and molesters, as I posted my reply to one of the bloggers here about "Is KL public transport safe?"

when I was in secondary school, I was waiting for bus at maybank kl, some fellow approach me and chat with me and go on with talking till masturbating, how I do it, always I find opportunity to take another alternative bus home, it kept on for weeks, somehow he know my timing and will sit next to me like "hi it's you again, what a coincidence", but one find darn day, this bus was late he kept pestering me to follow him to do testicular checkup coz his medical friend taught him. He even gave me his number and tells me to call him when I’m free. The next day I posted his number to my school classmates, and it stopped.

another one, I was browsing for books at kinokuniya in klcc after work, this fellow came to me and said I look familiar...yada yada those pick up line which suppose to use on female. I politely told him, I don't really remember him, and it's nice to meet you. he insisted I give him my phone number, so I gave him a fake num, mana tau this fellow take his phone and try to call the num, he said he wanted to make sure it's correct. Luckily there's a voicemail and I responded my phone battery was dead. I say goodbye and continue browsing at another section, this idiot standing few feet away from me, peeking through his books, then I purposely went to the Japanese section, this fellow followed too. I continued a few sections to make sure my assumptions are correct, well it is. I got into panic mode not wanting to walk back to my car alone in the basement; I went into the cinema immediately, taking whatever crap movie there is.

molesters.....ermm got 2 incident I remember, 1 is when I’m about 10 years old, this security guard put his hand in my pants and grabbed my balls, I was playing around the lift lobby. another one, almost same timeframe as the secondary school, this guy followed me to the bus, I did not suspect anything, but then starting to feel weird, the bus was not that packed but why he's leaning against me, I move further down the isle, he's following too, I put my bag in between us, and I saw his hand push the bag and continue leaning his crotch against me. I came prepared the next day, and this guy coincidencely pick to lean against me again, but with his fly down, I took my scout dagger out and pointed at his dingdongs, he immediately went off the next station.

sheeshhh what a weird world and there goes my confidence on public transport.

my opinion, castrate all those convicted perv. if there's only a time machine for me to do some evil revenge deeds. muahahaha.

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