Courtesy and Consideration  

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3/22/2006 4:36 am

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Courtesy and Consideration

It has been said by some that an absence of courtesy and consideration is the sign of a dying culture. That may be so, but I am beginning to think it also a cause of it.

Of course, the Bible is replete with instruction with regard to how to deal with those with whom we have interaction and, for some people, that may well be sufficient motivation. I think, however, that there is an additional reason to utilize courtesy and consideration in our dealings with others.

Courtesy and consideration are, almost literally, the grease which allows society to function smoothly. If one encounters courteous, thoughtful treatment throughout their interaction with others, I think it unarguable that that person will be more productive and, for that matter, more courteous and considerate of others, as well. If, however, one has a negative experience, I think it equally unarguable that that person will, to varying degrees, dwell upon that hurt, and, therefore, be distracted from fulfilling productive, healthy endeavors. Such experiences are also far less likely to be conducive to a positive "pass it forward" mentality but, rather, the opposite.

While Hollywood and other media focus for entertainment purposes upon the spectacular and exceptional, it is the daily, mundane exchanges between persons that truly reflect and embody the nature and course of a culture and society. Opportunities to be courteous and thoughtful abound, and are present not only in every encounter with another person but, also, upon every thought concerning another.

Not only might one, when the thought of another person occurs, consider some way in which that person might be pleased or aided, one may also exercise mental discipline to think of that more person more positively, with greater insight and understanding. If such mental discipline is exercised, one's future relationship with that other person will be improved immeasurably, and society will benefit as well as the person exercising mental discipline.

It has also been said that telling someone to "be good" is ineffective unless one also tells them "how" to be good. But, rather than listing here "how" to be courteous and considerate, I would suggest that life itself may teach you. Those things that you experience from others that make you feel good, imitate. Those things that make you feel bad, avoid.


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3/22/2006 5:31 am

wow,,,really well thought out blog,,deep..I enjoyed reading..

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