Why do I?  

AnalSexCouple2 51M/52F
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2/8/2006 3:46 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Why do I?

We've been busy.
Really really busy. It's good stuff generally, but very busy.

I know....who isn't busy these days?

But somehow, it seems that we can go to another place. A place where our emotions run wild. The rest of the world disappears and we swim in emotions.

Some of the things he wants for me are well.....controlling, embarrassing..... and very hot.

I feel ashamed for my lust. Ashamed that I like it up the ass. Not just like it....love it.
Ashamed that I'll do anything for him.
But I enjoy doing anything for him, too.

He likes to see my shame. And it gets me off....why?
Maybe it's because I love him and trust him.
Maybe it's because I like to do the same for him.

Kinda cool to write this down.

B (the woman of the couple)

RockPebble 70M
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2/9/2006 9:04 am

You two are very lucky to have found each other.

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