Visualizing 44-D  

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11/26/2005 10:38 am

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Visualizing 44-D

I was browsing blogs earlier and landed in one that looked interesting… maybe because the blogger’s handle seemed so unusual. “Elfin” something with a 69 tacked on… at first I thought it was foreign, and that it probably wasn’t written in English, figuring this is a global sight and all, but I must have accidentally clicked on it and when it opened up I noticed that it was in fact in English. Anyway, interesting handle.

One of the posts got me to thinking that maybe there was a typo. That particular post was describing a love act and mentioned “… her 44-D’s…” and I was wondering… surely that can’t be a bra size! I mean, that’s pretty big, right? I just can’t imagine a woman carrying around something that big. Wouldn’t that cause back-aches or something? Couldn’t be anything real, that is. But, then again, I haven’t been all the way around the block yet. Maybe it is possible.

(Another one of the posts there was talking about the “Toy Story” figures in McDonald’s happy meals… something about a Woody and a Buzz… I guess I didn’t get the joke there, either…

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