What makes a guy sexy?  

AnEdinburghGuy05 39M
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12/30/2005 10:36 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

What makes a guy sexy?

Well, the flip-side of the last post....

Ladies, what are you turn ons / offs when it comes to a guy(particually appearance).

Hey, I'm far from perfect, but willing to change.

I want to see a response from EVERY woman who views this page!


a_sensuous_lady 45F

12/30/2005 4:47 pm

Well, I'm real fussy about two things as far as appearance goes. He must have a mustache, and have some meat on his bones. There's nothing that turns me off more than very thin men. Actually, it kind of scares me - is the man feeding himself or could he possibly be sick, you know what I mean? Now, remember, this is just my preference. I would never rule out a friendship with anyone because of this, but being in an intimate relationship, this is what I want and like. I love the scrufty and casual look. You can still be handsome in a pair of jeans and a tee, flannel, ect. I don't like the suit and tie look, but I love black on a man.

Hair isn't an issue for me when it comes to your head (that one on top of your neck *wink*) But a man who's shaves his pubs are a complete turn off. Cologne = ew. Just take a shower with soap and water. I want to smell my man's natural scent. I don't like scented deoderants. In fact, I'd rather have him without. When he starts smelling like a hoagie, I'll let him know. Bathe daily - it's as simple as that.

Tattoos are fine, but I don't like body piercings on men. I don't mind an ear pierced, but other "parts", um, not for me.

A smile - you gotta have a purdy smile. Keep yourself clean, and take care of your mouth. Pearly whites, we all, of course want that.

Well, this was fun, and interesting. I hope I didn't bore you to death. I'm a long writer.

a_sensuous_lady 45F

12/30/2005 4:49 pm

It sucks when you can't edit your comment. I made a typo. *grins at self*

AnEdinburghGuy05 39M
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12/31/2005 8:04 pm


I recall reading variations on:

you must be a lady in the drawing room; a cook in the kitchen; and a whore in the bedroom.

How would that apply to men?

Does it mean they need to be a dustman[take out trash][, a pest control guy [spiders etc..] and a builder[put up the odd shelf] in any room so requiring???

AnEdinburghGuy05 39M
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12/31/2005 8:28 pm


Thanks, loved the response!

Not very thin! - That's a relief!

I tend to do scruffy when I don't have time / forget to shave, Used to wear black mostly - but went a bit more trendy recently, I had been seriously considering 'back to black' coincedentally.

I've never tried a moustache though, find the idea a bit funny.

As far as washing goes I have a shower before I leave the house.
I use some generic soap. Ocasionally I use a spray deoderant - usually I forget. (When I go swimming at lunch I use some generic shower gel otherwise I can smell the chlorine back at the office.)

I've never been into piercings / tattoos (though I find a pierced tongue on a woman very sexy)

Teeth I must admit is something I hadn't thought about - ok I brush them, but could try some kind of whitener..

Pubic hair though.....Not Shaved? Trimmed or as nature intended?!?


Chele46H 50F

1/3/2006 3:17 pm

I like a guy to be clean, not too hairy (I find excessive body hair a turn off) and confident but not pushy or arrogant. I'm not a supermodel myself so I don't place a lot of emphasis on size as I know size is not what's important in a person - however, I do find guys with a rugby type physique a turn on (I love to be held in muscled arms). Guys that are taller than me also appeal (I'm 5'10" in my bare feet) - my hubby was shorter than me so stretching for a kiss appeals a lot. Trimmed is more my cup of tea - it makes me feel that the guy has taken the time to take care of himself and his cleanliness down there!!

The things I'm not comfortable with are - much younger guys (under mid to late 20's) hitting on me or guys that want to borrow my lingerie or offer to bring their own (I'd be crushed if they looked better in them than I did in mine lol!!).

I do not have a problem with anyone's sexuality or fetishes but TV/CD is not something I find a turn on so although I'd not mind them indulging in that side of their life, I'd hope they'd not be offended if I didn't want it to be part of the time I spent with them.

Mainly the biggest thing that appeals to me in a guy is his personality - if he can be a gentleman, flirt, be fun, can make me laugh, make me feel comfortable but excited when he chats to me, he's worth getting to know - someone with intelligence, wit and charm, that does it for me!!

Chele xx

Chele46H 50F

1/3/2006 3:28 pm

Oh flippin eck!!

Clarification on the age bit of my last post. From the messages I've received from younger guys, their life inexperience definately shows. They tend to be either very arrogant (the "satisfaction guaranteed" type) or very shy (the "I'm looking for a teacher" type).

It's those type of personalities that I find a turn off, not primarily the age. However, since I'm the mum to girls who are 13 & 11, meeting a guy who is closer to their age than my own is not something I'm really looking to activly seek.

Chele xx

AnEdinburghGuy05 39M
52 posts
1/7/2006 3:16 pm

Hi Chele!

I know what you mean with the much younger thing!

It's similar in a way with the 18-20 year old women... the shy ones are too afraid to say anything in case they sound either stupid or young, so pretty much just stare at you....which means I've got to make all the conversation... which is made all the more difficult we don't really have anything in common....

('Satisfaction Guaranteed' women do exist, but are far rarer than their male counterparts!)

Muscular eh? I'm going to have to make more use of my gym membership. I used to be able to bench press my own weight... But cheated a bit....I got to the stage where I could nearly do it.....then did a crash diet and lost a stone!

I was assured by a friend that a 'tall' guy was 6'+. Less than that was a 'short' guy. This to my surprise means that at 5’9” I’m a ‘short guy’. I don't consider myself to be a 'short guy', and assured her that while I may only have 5 feet....I do have 9 inches.....which got a laugh at least!

I'm not at all into cd/tv ......Chele if you hear me say that "I want to get into your knickers", that'll be a metaphor!

Clearly Intelligence and wit are beyond me, but.....
Charm...."Why Chele, your silhouette looks absolutely radiant tonight."
I can do.


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