In the Elevator  

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In the Elevator

“So what did you think?” you ask me as you walk off the stage, the audience still loudly clapping its approval. “Was it what you were expecting?”
“I think I had an orgasm while you were talking,” I manage to utter, “you blew me away!”
“I thought that I was going to blow you away later,” you smile as you pull me further backstage, totally out of view of the audience ‒ some of them now cheering, “and I hope you’re just teasing about having an orgasm ‒ I’d hate to waste any of that precious cum of yours.” You stop and suddenly reach your hand down my pants and grasp my painfully erect cock. “Mmmm. Feels like lots of precum but no orgasm ‒ yet.” You let go and remove your hand, leaving me with a forlorn look on my face. “Don’t be impatient, Tom. Let’s wait until we get up to the room.”
“So where did you learn all of that stuff?” I ask as we walk out of the hotel conference room.
“Experience. A lifetime of it.”
“You mean you actually have done all of those things?”
“And way more ‒ it was only an hour long lecture after all. You can’t expect me to cover everything I know in that time.”
“But you were only talking about fellatio!” The enormity of your “talents” suddenly dawns on me. “Just how long could you lecture about this?”
“Well,” you get a contemplative look on your face as we approach the elevators, “if they had let me do real live demonstrations, I would have actually performed every technique I was talking about. I would have used audience volunteers and taught their companions how to do it as a teaching tool. You know, I would do it at first so they could see how it was done and the guy could experience how it feels and then the guy’s mate ‒ not always a woman mind you, would take over and I would watch and guide them. The guy would also be able to help because he would have felt what it should feel like when I was doing it.” You pause and push the button for the elevator because I’m too busy wiping the drool off my chin. “So I guess if I were to do that for every fellatio technique I know it would take about 5 hours ‒ but that’s because those live demonstrations sometimes get out of hand…” You suddenly get an expression of delight, “I just made a pun didn’t I?”
I’m about to ask if you give a similar lecture on techniques for performing oral sex on a woman when another couple comes up to the elevators. I get a little irritated because their presence censors the hundred or so questions that are threatening to burst out of me. I notice that you are giving them more than a casual glance so I look over too. The woman is breathtaking, her dark brunette hair contrasting sharply with her pale complexion, the long, wavy tresses halfway down her back and a clingy dress that shows off her slender hourglass figure - though I suspect her “endowments” may be enhanced. The guy is the athletic type and looks like a clone of the actor, Kevin Kline. Both are in their mid thirties and I have to admit that they make a striking couple. Just then the woman glances our way and literally gasps when she sees you ‒ obviously she recognizes you, perhaps from the poster of you they have in the lobby advertising your lecture.
The elevator arrives just as the woman is nudging her partner. We get on first and I guide us to the far corner so that I can place my hand on your butt without them seeing. The woman enters right after us and immediately comes up to you, forcing me to drop my hand. “Hello! My name is Chelsea and I just wanted to thank you for that wonderful lecture. I never knew how limited we’ve been. I learned so much!”
“Actually I should be the one thanking you,” the guy pipes in, “my name’s Steve by the way.”
“Well Chelsea and Steve, I’m really glad you enjoyed it. This is my friend, Tom and please call me Marie.” We all shake hands and Steve punches the elevator button for the 12th floor as the doors close. He looks at me and I say “14” which he then presses. “Are you two from this area?” you ask.
“No ‒ we came all the way from New York.” Chelsea replies, “’When we found out you’d be talking here we just knew we had to come. A friend of ours heard you last year and said you changed her life.”
“Oh? I’m glad. And flattered. What lecture did she attend?”
“It was the one on threesomes. Believe me, she’s pretty damn popular now. In fact ‒“ SHREEERRKKK!!!! The sudden screeching sound is both loud and alarming, especially as the elevator jerks to an abrupt halt.
“Damn!” I mutter. We all look at each other with wide eyes as we freeze, not knowing what to expect next. After a few moments it becomes apparent the elevator isn’t going to plummet to the ground floor and we visibly relax, a little bit at least. “These things have safety locks,” I say out loud to comfort everyone, including me. “They clamp the elevator to its current position if there’s a problem like a power failure. Once they’ve engaged, which is what that noise was all about, there’s no danger.” I pause and then add, “Unless one of you has to go to the bathroom.”
“But the light’s still on,” Chelsea points out, “so there wasn’t a power failure.” Just then the lights flicker out, plunging us into jet black darkness.
“You jinxed us,” Steve teases. There’s a distinct thumping sound, followed by an “ooofff” from Steve. “Hey! Why did you punch me in the stomach?”
“Sorry.” I hear Chelsea’s not so contrite apology from the darkness, “I missed. I was aiming lower.”
“Does this elevator have an emergency telephone?” I hear you ask.
“Good idea!” Steve responds, “I think there’s one over here somewhere. We hear a shuffling sound and a light click followed by Steve’s voice, “Hello? Hello? Is anybody there?” We all wait in expectation. “Hello?” he repeats, “Is anybody ‒ hey! Yes! Thank god! Yes, we’re all right.” Pause. “Somewhere between the lobby and the 12th floor.” Pause. “Four of us.” Pause. “No noises, wait, when the elevator stopped there was a loud noise, but nothing now.” Pause. “Well the lights are out.” Pause. “Wow.” Pause. “You’re shitting me.” Pause. “Well do the best you can.” Pause. “Yeah, right. Okay. Let us know when you hear something.” Pause. “Bye.” Silence.
“Well?!” Chelsea demands, “what did they say?”
“It’s a power failure all right,” Steve confirms, “and it’s a big one ‒ they think much of the city is out though it’s too early to tell. The guy said I was lucky to get through cause they’re getting flooded with emergency calls right now. I guess I should have said that we were in danger because when I said we were all right he told me to hang in there because they had to handle the emergencies first and it was going to be several hours before they could get to us.”
“Several hours?” I hear myself say with a hint of anguish ‒ I had so little time to spend with you and it was going to be spent stuck in an elevator? “Now what do we do?”
“Well, I know this might sound a bit selfish,” Chelsea says, “but I would love to take advantage of this and ask Marie a whole lot of questions about her lecture ‒ and other topics too. Is that okay?”
“That sounds like a wonderful idea,” I hear you say, “I’m always glad to share what I know.”
“Great!” Chelsea says, “Because Steve and I were really interested in the French Twist technique you described, only we aren’t sure we really understand it. Plus, you mentioned there were a lot of combinations involving more than two people where fellatio was a significant part but you didn’t describe any. And then there’s the ‒“
“Whoa!” you say with laughter, “one question at a time! Let’s start with the first one ‒ you wanted to know about the French Twist?”
“Yes!” Steve’s eager answer booms out from the dark.
“Well, it uses the tongue a lot, hence the ‘French’ ‒ and the tongue spirals around the head of the penis a lot, hence the ‘Twist’.” You adopt your lecturer’s tone of voice, “It’s a whole lot easier to demonstrate ‒ but that’s difficult in this dark. But,” I suddenly feel your hand on my arm, “Chelsea, why don’t you take hold of Steve’s penis ‒ that way you can feel what I describe and I’ll,” your hand is suddenly on my zipper ‒ how did you find it so easily in the dark?, “take hold of Tom’s.” The sound of you zipping my pants down is plain to hear.
“You’re kidding right?” Steve says, removing the need for me to ask the same question. Only as I feel your warm hand reach under my underwear I’m not sure if I would have asked.
“Oh don’t be such a prude, Steve,” Chelsea admonishes him, “this is perfect! No one can see you and we get our own private lesson!” And with that we all hear the sound of Steve being unzippered. “Yum! You’re hard already!”
“You really are a prude! I bet all that talk about doing a threesome with another guy for me is all talk too!”
“No it isn’t!” Steve protests, “but we agreed we’d take that one slow.”
“You promised me over a year ago!”
“But… but,” Steve splutters.
“Perhaps we can kill two birds with one stone,” you suddenly interrupt, “after all we’ve got several hours here.” Total silence. I gulp and wonder if Steve is thinking what I’m thinking. Then again, I’m not too sure I’m still thinking straight since all during this time you have been expertly stroking my increasingly hard cock with your hand. You continue, “Chelsea, often in my more private lectures I give demonstrations of the techniques. It means that I would first demonstrate it on Steve with you observing ‒ though in this case it will have to be by touch ‒ and then you taking over once you think you’ve got the hang of it. That way Steve can let you know if you’re doing it right since it should feel similar whether it’s you or me. Do you think that’s something you’d want to try?”
“You mean you would suck on Steve’s cock?”
“Yes. But only until you think you understand the technique.”
“Sounds good to me ‒ oooff! Hey! Why did you hit me again?”
“I’m holding your cock in my hand so count your blessings. You didn’t have to sound so eager.”
“Uh,” I break the momentary silence, “is there anything I should be doing?”
“You can help,” you say and give my cock a hard squeeze.
“Say what!?” Steve and I ask simultaneously.
Both you and Chelsea burst out laughing. “Don’t worry guys,” you say, “we’ll take care of the intimate parts. So Chelsea, what do you think?”
“I guess I shouldn’t pass up this opportunity. Only until I understand the technique right?”
“Yes. Don’t worry ‒ it’s Tom’s cum I intend on tasting, not Steve’s.”
“Okay.” Silence. “So how do we do this?”
You move toward them, with my cock still in your grasp so naturally I follow. “I think it would be better if we remove our cloths first ‒ that way they won’t get in the way of anything.” You let go of my cock and I hear your cloths rustling. I shrug in the dark and begin undressing too. We all undress in silence and I hope that I don’t accidentally bump into Steve while were doing it. “There! Is everyone ready?” you ask. Everyone murmurs yes. “Okay, Steve why don’t you lean your back against the wall there but leave room on either side of you. Chelsea, why don’t you get on your knees on his left and facing him and I’ll get on right. Tom, why don’t you stand behind both Chelsea and me ‒ you can give us backrubs while were doing this.” Good ‒ that I can handle.
I hear everyone settling into their positions. “Um, Marie,” I suggest, “do you want to use my pants as a cushion for your knees?”
“Thank you, Tom! That’s a wonderful idea. Chelsea, why don’t you use Steve’s.” I grope around for my pants and then press them against you. There’s more rustling sounds as you take them from me.
“Wow!” Steve suddenly exclaims, “that feels good, Chelsea.”
“But I’m not doing anything,” Chelsea sounds puzzled. “Oh.”
“I was just getting positioned,” you explain, “Chelsea, you’ll need to come up right next to me and then feel with your hands what I’m doing. Okay?”
“Ready Steve?”
“Damn yes!” There’s silence now, except for a subtle slurping sound and a soft, “Jesus!” from Steve. I can only imagine what is happening for you to be making those slurping sounds and the soft gasps now coming from Steve. I grope for your back and my hand touches your neck ‒ and find that I cannot keep contact with it since you are vigorously moving your head forward and back. So I search for Chelsea’s back and find that she is leaning far forward as well.
“Marie, I think I’ve got it all except for what your tongue is doing.” Chelsea says.
I hear a groan of frustration from Steve and then your voice, “Okay, why don’t you put your finger in my mouth so that you can feel what I’m doing.”
Soft slurping sounds ensue from you again and suddenly Chelsea giggles, “that tickles! How do you get your tongue to do that?”
“Practice,” you respond, “it’s the same method you use for a lot of techniques when stimulating a woman’s nipples. Hasn’t any one done that to you?”
“Uh, no,” Chelsea responds, “maybe you could teach Steve how to do that?”
“My pleasure ‒ only it would work best if I taught him by demonstrating it on you. What do you think?”
I hear a sound like a sharp intake of breath. “Um, okay.” Chelsea slowly responds.
“Good!” you say, “we can do that later. Right now we should concentrate on Steve don’t you think? Why don’t you take over now and I’ll help you along.”
More shuffling sounds and I reach out and feel the two of you shifting over so that Chelsea is now directly in front of Steve ‒ the lucky dog! I feel Chelsea lean forward and so I keep my hand on her upper back. Soon, judging by her forward and back movements, it’s obvious that she’s got Steve’s cock in her mouth and is giving him one incredible blowjob. “Steve,” you break the silence ‒ only I guess it isn’t really silent since Chelsea is making the same slurping sounds that you were and Steve is once again softly gasping, “does it feel the same?”
“It feels great!” Steve gasps.
“But is it the same?” you insist.
“Not exactly, but I don’t mind.”
“Hmmm, but we should get it right. Can you tell me how it’s different?”
“Uhh, oh god… uh, the tongue is not going around as much…” Steve pants.
“Did you hear that Chelsea? Try concentrating on your tongue ‒ really apply a lot of pressure okay?”
“Mmmphhh.” Chelsea replies, apparently not skipping a beat.
“Is that better, Steve?”
“Oh god yes!”
“Good. Now let’s really give you a treat. Chelsea, there’s things we can do together that will really get Steve going. Is that okay?”
Another frustrated groan from Steve as Chelsea obviously pauses in her blowjob, “I’d love it!” she says, “one thing that really gets Steve going is when I’m pinching his nipples when making love.”
“Sounds good,” you reply, “but I was going to concentrate on his balls while you are working on his cock. I know! Hey Tom! Why don’t you pinch Steve’s nipples while we’re busy down here.”
“You’re kidding right?”
“Of course not, don’t be such a prude. It’s okay with you isn’t it Steve?”
“Anything! Just don’t stop this time!”
“Okay everyone. Let’s begin!” Immediately Steve gives out a sharp gasp and I again imagine what it is the two of you are now doing to him. I stand there in the dark, hesitating but stung a little bit by your rebuke. So with a sigh I come forward a little and reach my hands out. I end up touching one of Steve’s arms, and realize that he must be clenching onto the elevator’s hand railing since his arm is incredibly tense and trembling. I move my hands over and find both of his nipples. With a shrug that no one can see I begin to gently pinch them. I figure if I do it in the way that I enjoy then it can’t be too far off from what he would like. I’m sure that it is whatever the two of you are doing and not me, but as I begin to pinch his nipples his whole body starts to tremble and his gasps get much louder.
We continue like that for several minutes. I’m not sure if the two of you are increasing your pace but Steve’s body continues to tremble more and more and his gasps are getting to be quite loud now. I begin to pinch and flick his nipples harder and harder, surprised that this whole experience is beginning to turn me on ‒ my cock is almost painfully erect now.
“Oh my god!” Steve suddenly cries, “I’m cumming!” Not that he needs to say it since his whole body gets unbelievably tense and then releases an incredibly intense shiver. I’m not sure what you two are doing or whether Steve is blessed with very long orgasms but after a dozen orgasmic spasms I lose count. The slurping sounds the two of you have been making get a lot louder during this too.
Finally Steve’s breath, which was coming in gasping shudders, starts to get more even and I hear the two of you beginning to change your positions so I release Steve’s nipples. “Oh Marie, that was incredible!” Chelsea exclaims, “I don’t think I’ve been able to give Steve that much pleasure before!”
“Mmm, the pleasure was all mine. I really enjoyed experiencing his orgasm. How’d you like it, Steve?”
“Damn!” Steve is gasping still, “I had no idea it could be like that.”
“Glad you liked it. Maybe we can move onto something a bit more advanced then.” I suddenly feel your hand touch my thigh and then quickly move up to grasp my rigid cock. “Mmm, I think Tom is ready and willing.” My knees nearly buckle at the possibilities ‒ and I realize that it’s only been about half an hour here in the dark ‒ with luck maybe it will be more than several hours before were rescued.

“I think it’s your turn now, Chelsea,” I hear you say in the dark, “and if I know Tom, he’s probably going to be spurting cum any minute now even if I don’t pay any attention to him. You don’t mind if we involve him too do you? You did mention you were interested in a threesome with another guy ‒ well, how about a foursome with all of us?”
We all hear Chelsea’s sudden intake of breath. There’s a long pause and then Steve pipes in, “Hey, it’s all right with me, babe. In fact, I can’t imagine a better set of circumstances ‒ we can’t see a damn thing so we won’t get that embarrassed and if Marie can teach me to give you an orgasm like she just taught you to give me then I’ll be thanking her for the rest of my life.”
“Okay…” we all hear her soft, almost timid, response. Somehow my impression of her was that she would have been jumping at the chance.
“Great!” you step right in, “I think we should stick with the oral techniques for now. Steve, how about I teach you some tricks for performing oral sex on Chelsea? We can do the same thing we did for you. I’ll do Chelsea first so that she experiences what it should feel like and then we’ll switch to you. Once you’ve got the hang of it, then I’ll just content myself with playing with her breasts.”
‘Damn! Now I wish the lights were on! You eating Chelsea?! That is giving me a hard-on and I just came!”
“Ooohh, you’re right about that,” I hear you say.
“Uh… what about me?” I ask forlornly as Steve suddenly gasps. I feel your hand suddenly on my cock and wonder for an instant how you were able to find it so quickly in the total darkness, though that idle question rapidly gets replaced with the question of how in the world you are able to make your hand feel so damn good on my cock.
“Just be patient a little while longer, Tom. I promise to make it up to you.” You give my cock a squeeze and then let go ‒ leaving it throbbing but at least I know it will soon be an eager participant. “Okay Chelsea,” you say, “why don’t you back up against the wall like Steve did. And Steve, let’s both get down on our knees right in front of Chelsea ‒ you can pass me Tom’s pants, and you can use yours, as cushions again.” I hear some scuffling sounds as you all position yourselves. “Now Steve, purse your lips ‒ we’re going to pretend your mouth is Chelsea’s pussy ‒ and I will use my mouth and tongue and fingers on your mouth so that you will get an idea of what I’ll be doing to Chelsea. Let’s also pretend your nose is her clit. Okay?”
“Sure!” Steve says enthusiastically.
“Good! Now just relax and visualize what I’m doing.” There is a moment of silence, that gets longer and longer so I lean forward to try and hear anything ‒ and get rewarded with a subtle slurping sound. I’m straining so hard that I jump when you suddenly speak again, “Do you think you got that? Did you notice how I sucked on your clit ‒ I mean your nose? And how I used my tongue to flick it and how I combined that with the sucking?”
“Yeah ‒ and it sure tickled!”
“And how about how I used my fingers? Did you pay attention to what parts I was caressing and pressing against? And the rhythm I used in combination with my tongue?”
“Uhh, I think so.”
“You men! All right, I’ll do it again but this time focus!” There is silence again, which drags on and on.
“Enough!” Chelsea suddenly blurts, “Steve you better be paying attention because I can’t stand it any longer!”
I hear you giggle. “Don’t worry Chelsea. If he doesn’t get it right the first time, I’ll take over again. Hear that Steve?” I hear a low mumble of agreement from Steve. “Good. So Chelsea, it’s up to you to tell me if he isn’t getting it right.”
“Don’t worry!”
“Then let’s get started. Steve, after I’ve been doing it for a while it’s okay if you feel us with your hands to get a better idea of our rhythm. Ready Chelsea?”
“Sure ‒ I just don’t believe this is happening! This is like such an honor and… Oh my god!” Chelsea suddenly gasps. There is another prolonged silence, suddenly broken by a deep passionate moan from Chelsea. “Oh god, Marie, how are you doing that? It feels so incredible!” There is silence again, except for Chelsea’s constant gasps, until she utters a little scream, “Oh damn! That was like I just came or something! But I didn’t ‒ I don’t think ‒ it’s like it’s just getting more intense and oh god, don’t stop!”
“Sorry Chelsea, but I should probably let Steve take over before you really do cum!”
“No! Steve can wait ‒ please!”
“Hey!” Steve protests.
“It’s okay Chelsea,” you say and I feel you bump into me as you stand up, “If Steve doesn’t get it right, I’ll take you all the way. So Steve, are you ready?”
“Damn yes!”
“Good, then why don’t you start. And Tom?” I feel your hand on my cock again, “It’s time we do something for you sweetie ‒ and me too. Here, let me guide you.” You pull on my cock so I step forward with my hands outstretched and realize your back is facing me but you are bending down at the waist with your legs spread. You are pulling my cock down and forward so I bend my knees and suddenly get the delicious feel of your pussy on the head of my cock. I need no further guidance at this point and place my hands on your hips and gently begin pushing forward, reveling in the feel of my cock as it enters your warm, wet pussy from the back. “Ooohh, yes!” I hear you say at the same time Chelsea lets out another loud gasp. Just as I enter you fully I feel you straighten up and lean forward slightly. “Chelsea, honey, you just help Steve get it right while I take care of your beautiful breasts, okay?”
All I hear are gasps as a response from Chelsea. I feel your pussy clench down on my cock and I begin to slowly withdraw, getting almost all the way out before slowly pushing forward, enjoying the utter pleasure of your warm pussy enveloping my cock. Chelsea is uttering, “God yes! Oooohh, right there! Yes!” amongst her gasps that have become more frequent and louder. I don’t know what you are doing to her breasts but she suddenly murmurs, “yes Marie, yes… just like that ‒ only harder”. All I can tell is that you are leaning forward, giving me the perfect angle as I continue to slowly pull out and thrust my cock into your luscious pussy. We continue like that for a while, though Chelsea’s gasps are now intermingled with deep moans. You start to subtly shove back with each of my thrusts forward and I can no longer hold back ‒ increasing my pace into a smooth steady rhythm that matches Chelsea’s gasps.
“Steve, go faster now,” I hear you suddenly instruct, “and God, Tom, you too!” I immediately begin pumping into you with long, steady strokes at a pace that I know will not allow me to prolong our lovemaking very much longer. You start meeting each of my thrusts and I can hear a muffled gasp from you with each one, though Chelsea’s moans are threatening to swamp any other possible sound.
“Oh God! Oh God!” Chelsea suddenly cries out, “I’m going to cum! Oh faster! Please faster!” Though I know she’s not talking to me, I pick up my own pace and soon my balls start slapping against you with each thrust. Chelsea starts wailing, “I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” over and over again and it sends me over the edge as well. I feel my cock swelling and the sensation of your pussy becomes so exquisite that I can’t stand it, though I am pumping into you harder and faster than I thought possible as I try to prolong this indescribable pleasure. Just as I’m about to explode I feel your pussy clench down on my cock and that extra pressure sends a shuddering wave of pleasure from the head of my cock all the way through my body as I shout out with my first orgasmic spasm. Our orgasms must be perfectly in synch because with each spurt of my cum I feel your pussy clenching with its own orgasmic spasm. I don’t know if this synchronicity is prolonging your orgasm, but it certainly seems to be prolonging mine. To have your pussy clench down just as my cock is swelling with its spurt of cum is sending incomprehensible waves of pleasure through me.
I don’t want this nirvana to ever end, and even as my orgasm begins winding down I continue to frantically pump my cock into you. Chelsea is still in the midst of her marathon orgasm, only her wails have subsided into spasming squeals. Eventually even these begin to quiet until it is only her shuddering breath that we hear as we all sink to the floor. I end up reclining on my side and feel you scoot up to press your body against mine, both of us totally satiated and content.

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