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6/21/2005 3:40 pm

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I am often asked the question what is fatherhood to me?

It is hard to answer, as for me it is almost undefinable.How can one actually quantify the plethora of emotions involved.It is at times like this that recorse to the words of others is often beneficial.Here are some words from two very different fathers:

"The notion of responsibility is at the crux of true fatherhood.The conscious sense of responsibility for the physical and spiritual wellbeing of others is the mark of the true father"

Sigmund Freud.

"Fatherhood isnt easy like motherhood"

Homer Simpson.

I guess I lie somewhere inbetween.To me its about providing.Providing unconditionally the love, the opportunities, the education and the support my children need to be both happy and to succeed in life.

Its a huge responsibility, but one I relish everyday.

missy973 48F

6/21/2005 4:35 pm

Providing, yes. And setting an example of how a human, how a man, should hold himself.

Ecaffiene 53F

6/21/2005 4:42 pm

Homer Simpson is an Idiot for more then one reason

rm_pchamp012004 56M
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6/21/2005 5:20 pm

It's being a role model, and giving of your time. It's skipping bowling night to be at your kid's school play. It's giving up Sunday Golf to take the kids to the zoo. It's coming home in the evening and playing catch in the yard instead of parking your butt on the sofa in front of the TV. But most of all, it's rewarding

sexyeyes375 48F

6/21/2005 6:26 pm

Your children are blessed.


6/21/2005 10:54 pm

Beautiful post Amber, It`s men that feel like you do that are not only a Father but one heck of a Dad. Your children are very blessed to have you.

juju34single 47F

6/22/2005 2:06 am

Very nice post, Amber.
One thing that one needs to know is that the experience of being a parent, be it mother or father (I get to be both as a single mom) is so hard to explain to one that has not become a parent yet.

It is so easy to say "I am never going to have kids".
When it happens though, When you see yourself reflected through the filter of brand new eyes, that grow to look at you, learn from you, and most of all want to be just like you, it opens doors in the heart that you never knew existed.
That is why I posted that poem in my blog.

It isn't the giving up of the things that were once important before fatherhood, it is the willingness to walk away from that singleminded before-parenthood mindset, and walk hand-in-hand with your child(ren) to help them to be the best that they can be.

GleesFlakyShawl 51M
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6/22/2005 6:59 am

Amber, the problem of quoting famous men is that u always need to know their son's and daughter's opinions (there have been lots of "good" men who were not very nurturing fathers)
in my case, i try to keep always in mind the saying "we can just provide them roots and wings"

tattooedartist 45M

6/22/2005 8:18 am

Salute.....Amber. Your profile is great even without the pics...lol.

I am a father and for me (as I am sure for you) the list could go on and on. It says alot about you that you talk alot about your children. If I knew nothing else about you, that would be enough.

I think for the most part for me is kindness, consistency, direction, support and appreciation. I try my upmost to communicate on a indivudual level with my lil girl. To really SEE her, acknowledge the beautiful uniqueness that is within her and support has as she blooms. To guide and direct the talents and interests she already has and open her up to the knowledge of the things she has not expereienced and then just be there to support and encourage her along the way as I get the beautiful PRIVELAGE of watching her grow into the woman she is going to be. To appreciate her strengths, to love every one of her flaws, even the ones I cannot see.

Well, I will shut up. THis is your blog and if I get started talking about my Bella I will go on forever. I just wanted you to know a lil more about me friend and that from what I can tell, I have the deepest respect for you.


rm_koocnachtiek 61M
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6/22/2005 12:00 pm

"But most of all, it's rewarding"

That simple statement sums it up for me too.

Is this just another trick by keithcancook
to get his text on television?


6/22/2005 5:57 pm


Puurple_Passions 47M/40F
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6/22/2005 7:36 pm

What an excellent post!! I had my hubby read it. He agree's 100%! I'm so glad there are such great fathers in the world such as the two of you! Your children as well as my children will grow up benefiting from their fathers' examples and love and they'll pass that on to their own children. Bravo Amber!!

sportyfun56 107M

6/22/2005 9:25 pm

Well said Amber..
Fatherhood is many things... almost all of it great beyond description. I mean, not much can beat the unconditional adoration a father receives from his young child.

and it seems that Homer is appealing only to men... lol. although, ahem... I think he's an idiot of course.

_CoffeeNoCream_ 53F

6/23/2005 5:57 am

most men can be a father it takes a good one to be "dad"

AmberSolaire 43M

6/30/2005 4:28 pm

I can only nod my head and agree.You all have some very lucky children.Cherish your time with them always.

keithcancook 61M
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6/19/2007 1:52 pm

I wonder if I can still get inside this old blog and leave a comment?

After all, it has been deleted for a long time...

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