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The clocks have gone back.We have lost an hour and winters officially here.But is BST a good thing or a bad thing

Times Online October 28, 2005

Should the UK adopt European time?
According to the RAC, there will be an extra 50 deaths on the roads next month because of the darker evenings caused by the clocks being turned back this weekend. The figures have resulted in calls by road safety groups and other organisations for England and Wales to either keep British Summer Time all year round or join the same time zone as most of the rest of Europe by moving the clocks forward another hour throughout the year. Scotland has traditionally opposed such a move, but should they stand in the way of changes for England and Wales? Does the UK need to have a uniform time zone? What do you think?

Here are some points of view

Not only should we abandon the use of GMT in the winter but we should adopt 'double' summer time so that we can enjoy the evenings. Travelling to mainland Europe is always a pleasure as the light evenings allow you to really enjoy the pavemant cafes and wine bars. Imagine if the British were able linger on a warm, light summer evening over a glass of red - maybe we would start to move away from the culture of binge drinking in dark bars. As for those north of the border - they have their own assembly now, if they don't like the time changes they can stay as they are and we'll change our watches at Gretna Green. Martin Pearce, Bristol

I was a student in Edinburgh during the "experiment". It was pitch dark when I left my first lecture at 10am and was dark again by 3pm. Let the arrogant English do what they like. We Scots wants none of it. Oskar Johnson, London

I've tried to think of some really good reason why we should continue with the current system of changing time twice every year; I can't (except we are British and if there is a cack-handed way of doing things, we will find it!). Tom Edwards, Bromley

I thik we should keep British Summer time all year round, the ideas to move another hour ahead would surely make it even darker in the evenings in dead of winter. At least with British Summer time it would be lighter and surely we need some differential from the rest of Europe on something - were not part of the EU in terms of locality. David Lane, Stoke-on-Trent

Winter time (GMT) is of great benefit for people, like myself, who have to travel in the mornings over ungritted roads. The extra hour of daylight allows some time for ice to thaw and for fog to clear. The darker evenings are not such a problem as the fog and frost usually arrive quite a while after dark. I believe that quite a few years ago (was it in the 1970s?) the use of BST in the winter was tried and it was stopped because of the increase in early morning accidents - particularly involving children. People who trade with Europe could start an hour earlier without inflicting it on the whole population. Jana Colchester, Suffolk

I think it should be in line with European time. Banks and other institutions would then be in line with European markets. Bryan Perry, Dorchester

We should certainly not put the clocks back for winter - in fact we should put the clocks forward and leave them permanently at the GMT +2. Scotland can do what it wants. Jorg Beasley, Yeoford

Is this changing of clocks more a hinderance than a help?

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I like the idea of double summer time ... but not half as much as I like the fact that the guy writing about what "we Scots want" was writing from London!

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