Self Declared Superman  

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2/18/2006 4:14 pm

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Self Declared Superman

Tenacious, debaucherous, intelligent, tender (kinda opposite aggressive huh?), realistic, imaginative, aggressive, strong, scandalous, adventurous. I live life on my toes, taking charge of my destiny and manifesting my dreams. I see a lot of display of likes and dislikes...let me bring to your attention my true LOVE.

Passion, that is my dream, that is my goal. I put into everything I do my heart, i mean EVERYTHING. As a lover, as a student, as an athlete; whether it be in the sheets, at the office, on the playing field, or at the gym, success in my activities is my goal. I do take things day by day; I perform the tasks at hand giving nothing but my heart, soul, and full concentration. A mind full of passion, I crave knowledge and have been starved for all too long; I thirst for ambition, truth, and passion for I have been deprived all too long by mediocrity and conformity. I dream, and what I dream I make manifest with my hands. So in all this babble, what is it that I LOVE? I love passion, in whatever context you might interpret it to be...I simply love passion...

I have so many fantasies I wish to fulfill so here I am willing to teach and to be taught, keeping my uninhibited mind open. Strike up a conversation, rant, sigh, have a drink. This world is an adventure and I am so young... there's so much to explore. I haven't been disappointed because right now there's so much to do out there and so much to experience that I 'till the day I die I will up on my feet exploring this earth and the people in it.

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2/18/2006 6:16 pm

Lets hear some of the fantasies

Purry {=}


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