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In the world there are sharks, players, and then there's me. Every night after midnight strikes (or during the daytime with copious amounts of sugar/caffeine/Ginseng and mouth-watering, tantalizing, sinful abundant platters of pure food rapture) he takes on a mental climactic condition known as a "Braingasm."

A Braingasm is an exhilarating rapture arisen from the fusion of electricity between the left and right brain hemispheres, ignited by an idea that has significantly traveled from the heart and soul into the brain at immeasurable speed. From here, it is simultaneously processed in record time, unfolding strategies and plans of action with the brain veins, waves and membranes intertwined into creative love knots. These "love knots," better known as "TIE-INS," are a creative promotional VITAMIN for you, your product, service, business or career from me.

Is everything a dirty joke to you? Is your goal in life to make everything anyone says into a sexual inuendo? Do you know more about sex than you have ever done and probably ever will do? Do ordinary words like penis and vagina make you giggle?

exbrando1 37F

3/2/2006 5:47 pm

Dam my slut brain

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