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3/11/2006 10:02 am

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Aren't I just a young bloke? It occured to me yesterday during a job interview that a) I was in demand and b) I'm really young. Of course, because I am young doesn't mean I lack experience greater in margin than peers of the same age pool, but what really dawned on me is that one of these jobs I could not take.

Better yet, age is all too important. The job was for the position of assistant portfolio manager for a Wall St. firm. The other was in analytics for another Wall St. firm. My age, I'm sure, intimidates ppl and cause them to question and doubt my ability as a lover, let alone as a money manager for thousands upon thousands of their life savings. So I giggled, laughed, shrugged, and have been made more humble.

I fuck like an animal, I work 60 hours a week like an animal, and go to school FULL time AGAIN, working like an animal. Though I'm really young, I am a HUNGRY passionate animal. You all have been warned. I bite.

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