More questions than answers!  

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4/26/2006 2:07 pm

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More questions than answers!

The Active Group has been fuctioning apparently normally for a little over a day now, so everything is sweetness and light again! Well, not exactly! For me, the hiatus over the weekend raises some questions that really require answers!

Point #1
Why did it happen? (again)
To the best of my knowledge and belief, whenever the "Request review" is clicked enough times, the Group is automatically moved to "Denied" status. If this is true, it frankly beggars belief and is nothing more than a charter for michief makers! I well understand the reasons for having a review process, however, I am quite sure that I could devise a procedure that did not automatically deny a group of people from doing something they enjoy on this site!

What happens when one clicks "Request review"? I have personally never tried it, but am curious to know. Does the site require an explanation as to why one thinks a review is required? If not, why not? Seems to me that such a request would be very reasonable. If no justification is required, michief makers charter springs to mind once again!

What happens to the person(s) who requested review, when nothing untoward is found in a group's activities? I would be extremely interested in an answer to that. Even if there is no justification required as in "Point#2", the site surely knows which member is clicking which link, and, if they do not, they should!
I believe that at the very minimum, if a group is found "clean", the member(s) names responsible should be passed to the Moderator of the affected Group.

What the ???? is customer service doing? At least twelve and possibly more complaints are unanswered over the weekend. (including my own)
Rule #1 of business: Do not ignore your customers at any time!

A final note, if someone cares to tell me that it is all due to a "bug" on the site. My answer in advance is as follows: Bugs are due to PPP!
(PPP=Piss Poor Programming)

"ah the pity youth is wasted on the young" ~ George Bernard Shaw.

drinker56 61M

5/18/2006 11:52 am

Hello my friend, interesting, i think you just have to press review enough times. Maybe in an allience of a few toss pots?

From what iv'e heard you can purchase software over the internet that hides your internet provider.

Only solution would be to have to give a reason.
They probably don't do this as look at the time it takes posts to be approved so theyve gone the easy automatic way.

But why approve posts but not request reviews, as this affects the whole group?

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