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Office Fun

As Kaley walked by my cubicle on the way to hers, I sighed to myself again and tried not to drool or make it too obvious that I was staring at her latest green t-shirt pulled taut over her 40-D breasts. I swear I had been watching her, well her breasts, for about six months. She made me pussy throb just watching them bounce up and down when she walked. I tried to find reasons to talk to her, but we didn't have much in common and the conversions just never seemed to go anywhere.
Later in the day I happened to be making a feable attemp to start a conversation with her and I asked what she was coming as tomorrow for the Halloween fun at work. She laughed and said she wasn't telling anyone, but it wasn't a real big deal. I was all excited the rest of the day thinking of what she could possibly be dressing up as.
I got home that night from work, peeled off all my clothes, popped in my latest DVD purchase, and grabbed my vibrator. I don't remember seeing any of the movie as my eyes were shut and all I could think of was Kaley's silky shoulder length dark auburn hair, her mesmerizing green eyes, pouty lips, and what appeared to be a nice tight ab. First I saw her in a tight maids outfit that her ample breasts just wouldn't stay in. Then I could see her in a cheerleader outfit. Every time she would kick, or bend over, I would get a great shot of her perfectly trimmed pussy. Then, well, I am sure you get the idea. I didn't stop until I had lost count of the number of orgasms I had. Finally, worn out, I took my shower and crawled into bed.
Being as I hadn't put much thought into my own costume, I dressed in an Angel costume I had bought last year and hurried into work. I wanted to be there before Kaley arrived so I could see what fantasy outfit she would be walking by in. I was a little shocked when I first saw her. The dark rose medieval dress she was wearing was not what I had been conjuring up in my mind, but wow did it show off her breasts. I smiled, a little devilishly, at her and told her she looked great. She politely thanked me and headed to her cubicle.
I never knew what sort of memories one could have of a bathroom, but later that day as I was stepping into the ladies room, I heard a voice behind me ask if I would mind helping her. When I turned around, it was Kayley.
"Sure, I can help. What do you need help with?"
"I cannot hold the bottom of my dress up when I pee. I don't want to end up with it in the toilet, can you help me? I was going to ask someone before I got in here again, but then I saw you heading in to go and thought I would ask."
"I can help with that!" I said this a little too enthusiastically and Kaley gave me a funny look. I couldn't believe my luck. If I was really lucky, maybe I would be able to get a good view of her nice round derriere!
I headed into the largest of the double sized stalls and she followed and locked the door behind her. We were both giggling a little as we tried to figure out the best way to maneuver her dress. I was still finding it odd that she had asked me to help her with this, but didn't speak of it for fear she may decide she should ask someone else.
Finally we were able to get her to sit down without dragging the back of her dress into the toilet. My breathing became a little erratic when I looked down and saw my view. I had a perfect view right down the front of her dress.
"Are you alright?" she asked.
"Yes," I croaked. Then I did something I never thought I would or could do. I dropped the part of her dress I had been holding up, reached over to her shoulders and pulled the arms of her dress to the side and pulled down. Her dress fell down in front and her breasts, held only in their bra, made their debut.
She turned and looked at me surprised. I then reached over her shoulders, and cupped one D breast in each hand under her bra. I felt like a kid in the candy store! Her look of surprise turned to one of enjoyment as I rolled her nipples until each one was sticking out rock hard. I turned her sidways on the toilet so she was facing me. I bent down and kissed her lips and unhooked her bra. Our passion ignited and our tongues darting about each others mouths and our breathing became heavier and heavier. I kissed down her neck to her awaiting right breast. I suckled in her nipple and licked and sucked like I was starving for food. I then gave the same attention to her left breast. I went back and forth between them.
She pulled me back up to her waiting mouth and as we kissed hard and wild she pulled my angel robe up and over my head. I was then standing there in just my white bra and panties.
"Angel," I thought, "maybe I should have come as the devil!"
We had the look of lust in our eyes. I thought someone would've heard us by now as people kept coming in and out of the bathroom, but by this time I no longer cared. I was in for the time of my life. Kaley reached her hand out to my panty covered pussy and rubbed ever so lightly through the thin material. I went week in the knees. I pulled down and stepped out of my now wet panties and spread my legs so she would be able to insert a finger. She began to slowly glide her middle finger in and out of me. I bent forward and was at the right level again to suck and roll her nipples around in my mouth with my tongue. I don't ever remember seeing or feeling nipples this hard.
I reached down and pulled her panties off. I then spread her legs around the toilet and viewed the most perfect looking pussy. I traced a finger around the soft outline of her gleaming lips and then slowly inserted my middle finger into her tight little snatch. I slowly glided in and out of her until she started to moan.
Finally when I could no longer stand it, I stood her up turned her around and bent her over the toilet. I slid down the wall with my back, spread her cheeks open and began to lick her hot sweet juicy pussy. The aroma was that of heaven. She squirmed and moaned as my tongue passed over her clit a few times and then entered her. I worked my way up to her little puckered asshole.
She jumped, "What are you doing?"
"I'm going to make sure I do everything to you that I have been dreaming of for the last six months." She relaxed and smiled. I don't really think she was alright with it, but with in the heat of everyting, I believe she just didn't care anymore.
I returned my tongue and made sure the pucker of her ass was wet. I inserted my finger one last time into her pussy, pulled it out and slowly began to insert it into her ass. She squirmed and moaned. She then began to rock back onto my finger. I slid my finger in and out a few more times and then pulled it all the way out and added a second finger. This was all it took for her. She started to cum hard and lost control of herself as she did. I started to suck on her clit and didn't release her clit out my mouth until she had orgasmed a second time. She bucked back and forth uncontrollably across the toilet. I held her and helped her steady herself.
She slowly stood up and had the look of the devil in her eyes. I wasn't sure what to expect now. She smiled as her mouth enveloped mine. She sucked her pussy juice from my lips and mouth as her hands began to explore.
I felt her hands reach around to my back and unhook my bra. My breasts fell free and she smiled in delight. She kissed her way down from my lips to my breasts. I breathed heavily as she sucked my nipple into her mouth. I jumped a little as she bit into my nipple. She must have been reading my mind to know I loved that. She bit at both my left and right breasts back and forth while my fingers slid through her hair. She moved her way back to my mouth and entangled our tongues once again.
Kaley then fell to her knees and engulfed my whole pussy into her mouth. She flicked my clit with such grace. I was going to cum and I was going to cum fast. She sensed this and stopped.
"Please don't stop," I heard myself saying to her.
She smiled and then licked her fingers and inserted one, two, then three into me! I had never felt so full in my life!
"Oh God, yes" I moaned as she picked up speed.
In and out, in and out. She sent me over the edge as she sucked my clit into her mouth. I no longer was in control of anything as she grabbed my ass and held on as I bucked against her face. I tried to keep quiet, but let out a loud moan that couldn't have been mistaken for anything but pure pleasure. Kaley finally let my clit go and slowly backed her fingers out of my thobbing pussy. I went weak in the knees and rested against her chest.
"Do you think anyone heard?" she laughed while looking at me.
"I'm pretty sure someone had to of." I leaned up and kissed her passionately. I grabbed the three fingers that inserted in me and licked them clean. I kissed her and licked up all my juices from her awaiting mouth.
We hurriedly helped each other to dress, all the while kissing and grabbing each other. We decided to leave one at a time and she left first. I waited a couple more minutes, running the scene though my head over and over. When I finally left, no one seemed to be any the wiser for what had just happened.
As I walked by Kaley's cubicle, she called me over and asked if I wanted to get lunch together today. I smiled and knew this was not going to be a one time thing. I went back to my desk with a smile on my face and counted the minutes to our lunch date. I couldn't wait to ask her the one question I was dying to find out, "Why me?"

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8/24/2006 7:32 pm

That was awsome, I would love to just lust sex with.

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