Texas Hold 'em  

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Texas Hold 'em

He laid down his hand; full house kings and queens. She had nothing. She stood up and stripped off her shirt leaving a pink lacy demi bra. Her breasts were practically spiling out of it.
He was fully dressed. He grinned.
He dealt them another hand. This time she had pocket kings. She had to surpress her grin.
"All in!" she said; which meant every piece of clothing she had on.
He looked at his cards smiled and without even looking at his cards he said "I raise you a blow job and I get to cum down your throat!"
She wavered. She'd given blow jobs but never swallowed and he knew that. She looked at her cards again sighed and then grinned. "You're on. Aren't you going to look at your cards?"
"Nope. You wanna raise me. I mean I seem to be getting alot out of this deal."
"Ummmm....yes. If I win you have to shave completely and I get to tie and blind fold you."
He dealt out the first three cards. They were 2,3,K. She didn't say a thing.
He raised. "A threesome with any woman of my choice." He still didn't look at his cards.
"Fine. I raise you a threesome with any MAN of my choice." He laughed. "Honey, are you sure. We both know you've only had straight mission sex AND you've never swallowed. And now you want to have a threesome with another man? Are you sure?"
She wavered again. He was right. She was not nearly as experienced. Still she couldn't lose she hand three of a kind and he still hadn't even looked at his cards.
"I'm sure."
And so he dealt the fourth card it was a 6.
"Check" he said.
"Check" she said.
The fifth card was an ace.
He still didn't look at his cards. "I raise you. You have to go down on the women in my threesome and make her cum and swallow." He figured she'd fold now.
"You're on," and she turned over her cards. He watched as the king of spades then the king of clubs were showed. He actually held his breath briefly. She had three of a kind and he didnt even know what he had. The community cards were not looking that good.
She grinned. "I won," she said.
"Not so fast," he replied.
"There's only one way to beat me and that's to have pocket aces."
He looked at his cards and a huge grin appeared on his face.
"Not necessarily," he said as he tossed the first of his two cards face up on the table. It was a 4 of hearts. It didn't register to her and she was still grinning. Then he tossed the second card it was a 5 of hearts.
She stared at his hand then the cards in the middle.
"A straight."
She actually paled.
He rubbed his hands together and whooped. "Looks like we're going to have some fun over the next few nights."
She just stared at him. Stunned. She could not believe he won. Then reality hit. She went through the list of things she had promised him. Maybe he'll let her go easy.
"Now let's see you owe me..." and he listed them:
"Strip off all your clothes right now."
"A blow job and I get cum down that pretty little throat of yours. I hope you can swallow it all."
"A threesome with any girl I chose. And I know just the one. You'll like her. She bi and she's hot!"
"And last but I think one of my favorites. You have to go down on her, make her cum and swallow it."
She stared at him. "I can't."
"You can't? Oh but honey you will. And I will even let you meet her first before our threesome."
"No seriously Matt. I can't. Just thinking of it now makes me sick to my stomach."
"OH PLEASE! Stop exaggerating. You can do it and you will. You lost. Now strip and get over here and suck my cock."

to be continued...


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great so far, waiting to read more.

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