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She took him deeply
never once crying out in pleasure
or in pain
he was thick, very thick
of average length
he was her boss and she his
he married she a single young woman
bent over her desk she gripped whatever she could
as he fucked from behind
her skirt bunched up around her waist her
panties torn and tossed on the desk beside her
his pants dropped at his feet still wearing his shirt and tie
she could feel the silk tie brushing against her skin with evey stroke
now he stopped
she prayed silently that he was done
he wasnt
he undid his tie
she turned to see what he was up to
he pushed her roughly back down on her desk
by the back of her neck
pulling her hands behind her
he quickly bound her wrists with his tie
then he started in again
and this time she cried out
she was sore
they had been going at it
for what seemed like hours
she was getting dry
her natural lubricant was almost gone despite
the multiple orgasms he'd given her
he knew she was getting drier
he could feel his cock dragging in and out
instead of sliding
he looked around not stopping a single time
finding her purse on the floor he stopped
pulling out he growled crudely at her to stay put
he looked down at his cock
it was still throbbing hard
this had always been a problem
it took him longer to cum
he rummaged through her purse before finding
ky warming lubricant and what was this a
clit vibrator?...he tsked and said what a naughty girl she was...
he quickly put the clit vibrator on her
turned up the volume mid way
she moaned in both pain
he grinned
and looking at his watch
he knew he was going to be late
he reached over for the phone but not before thrusting back into his secretary
and while fucking her at a moderate deep pace
he called his wife
to tell her he'd be late in coming home
she nagged and complained
which only frustrated and angered him more
and his secretary felt the brunt of his frustration
his strokes became harder and deeper
making his secretary gasp and squirm
he slapped her ass hard to shut her up
and slammed down the phone calling his wife
a nagging bitch
he turned up the vibrator
now it was a painful pleasure and
she came while he was
impaling her deeply
pounding her fiercely
slamming her mercilessly
thrusting into her hurtfully
he fucked his secretary until he came
30 minutes later
she was exhausted
bruised when he finally pulled out of her
his cum dripping down the inside of her thighs
he, though breathing hard, seemed almost invigorated and very calm
he could go home now
he untied his secretary
they dressed in silence
she stuffed her torn panties,
clit vibrator and
ky lubricant into her purse
they both got on the elevator
neither one talked
and when the doors opened
they went their seperate ways
neither one knowing that
the man sitting at the security desk
had just finished his own fourth
or fifth orgasm
he smiled and waved at them
they ignored him
missing the huge grin on his face
as he pressed rewind button
and seconds later they appeared on his screen
she was bent over her desk
her boss was fucking her.

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SirMounts 103M

4/28/2006 6:25 am

Um... *looks in English/Girltalk translation book*
...Now let's see..."walking"... "welcoming"... oh here it is: "winking*
... Yup, it says here a wink to a question like that means... "Yes".
*smiling proudly at His ingenuity*

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