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I'm not getting many comments...lol...then again I don't really find myself spending alot of time on here although I should...but the weather is so nice lately.
Wow alot of penis'shots...lol...i haven't looked at the women's sites do they show alot as well? I say sometimes it's nice to imagine...although the pics i've seen arent half bad both the nude and not so nude
On my way to work I was thinking of a story...and so here it is...bare with me just is like just off the top of my mind....
All he could do was think about her all day. He met her on line her photo (if it was her's and she assured him it was) was fucking hot!...She wore a tight tee shirt, daisy duke shorts, her legs were long and tan and her tits were huge...her nipples were pressing through her tee shirt and thinking about that picture all day left him with a throbbing hard on. he was married and she was not. he was 42 and she was only 24. he couldn't wait; he'd stared at the clock on the wall in his office for the past hour like a little boy waiting for the end of school. as soon as it struck 5 o clock he was out the door. thankfully it was a friday and his wife had left to see her parents for the next week or so. he drove straight to the bar they'd agree to meet at and spotted her instantly even though she was wearing different clothing; a black mini skirt, blk leather boots that reached mid thigh, a tight white blouse that V-necked down just enough to show off her impressive cleavage. her lips were full the kind guys would imagine wrapped around their dicks; high cheek bones and just a slant in eyes that hinted at her heritage and of course the long black hair. She looked him in the eyes and said "hello Michael" his eyes of course didnt raise above her chest when he mummbled "hello" but she reached for his chin and tilted his head up so that he met her beautiful emerald green eyes which held a spark of amusement and mischief. she said the typical statement of "im up here Michael" then laughed softly not really chiding him...as she was used to most men greeting her breasts first. she knew she set herself up for it wearing tight clothes and of course her nipples never behaved and seem constantly hard pressing against the material of what ever blouse she wore.
she grabbed his hundred dollar silk tie and lead him willingly over to a booth in the corner. she slid in and he followed closely. her hand dropped immediately to the zipper of his dress pants and molded around his hard on. he groaned and put his hand on her bare thigh; she spread her legs open just enough for him to let his hand slide up the inside of her thigh. the waitress was soon at their table not looking at them and asked for their order. they both ordered a beer and a shot. when the waitress left Michael slide his hand up until the side of his thumb pressed against her...wet pussy!?...she wasnt wearing any panties...he openly stared at her in shock...she just laughed and squeezed his dick before unzipping his pants and then looking around quickly she then ducked under the table saying "just tell her i went to the bathroom"...he'd heard...no read about this kind of thing happening but never experianced it...until now...he reached under the table finding her head just as she found his with her mouth...he gasped at the fell of her tongue swirling around the tip of his cock...then he felt her mouth open a bit more as she took the tip of head of his cock into her mouth...he closed his eyes ready to enjoy every bit of this...and he didnt have to wait long before she was taking him all the way into her mouth sucking him and blowing him with great enthusiasm and skill...he was groaning softly when the waitress appeared with their drinks and he opened his eyes and he fumbled out the words "she is in the bathroom" even when he felt her deep throat him at that very moment he had to surpress his groan...thankfully the waitresss didnt say a thing and just walked away with slightly shaking her head as if she knew what was going on...he grabbed his beer and drank quickly...as she continued sucking his dick and when she lifted her mouth off him he though she was going to resurface only to feel her take his balls in her mouth and gently suck on them as her hand slide up and down his slick hard dick...she ws only a moment on his balls before she took him back into her mouth although not before saying "I want to swallow your cum Michael"...and a few minutes later he felt his balls tighten and his cock was thobbing and he wished he could see her lips stretched aound his cock and then decided to take a chance lifting the table cloth he he could see her...her mouth looked so good around his cock...the last time he had a blow job like this was ... damn he couldnt remember...then like a shooot he thrusted his hips upwards and grabbed her hair tightly on the back of her head and came...he was not about to let her change her mind about swallowing...and he forgot all about the tablecloth being lifted and that anyone who turned their heads and looked hard enough could see just what they were doing..."oh fuck baby!" he groaned loudly forgetting that he could and was heard by other patrons...he finished cum and he let go of her head as she quickly lifted her mouth of his still swollen now sore dick...breathing quickly trying to catch her breath...
she climbed out from under the table...dramtically wiped the corners of her mouth with her finers then downed her shot chasing it with a large gulp of beer...she looked at him and grinned...
the end
okay thats it...thats my story i just actually wrote this very second...lol...
be kind now...lol...i know its not that good. but it was a spur of the moment story!

iluv2eatpussy94 54M

4/12/2006 2:12 pm

Did you write this? Amazing....

Alynxdra 34F
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4/13/2006 5:47 am

why yes I did iluv2eatpussy94...and thank you for your kind compliment.
reading it over i realize that i have made several errors in spelling and grammar please forgive me...it was such a "at the moment" story that i just went with the flow of typing forgetting to make any or spotting any corrections even after i read it to myself...lol...honestly i am not as illiterate as i sound...
it was a fun story...to be quite honest it was a simple story...i just started typing and this was the result...the title i thought of on my way home last night..."Michael's Story"....and I thought of a sequel...

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