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4/11/2006 1:18 pm

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More Miscellaneous

First I would like to thank ThreeLegs32 (gosh I hope I got the number just went to check it to thank you and now I've mind is like a sieve.)
Now onwards and in color...
I was side to someone else and now i've lost my train of
btw please dont count my lol's and lmao's...because if you do you will find (to my complete embarrasment) that I write them down ENTIRELY too much...its like a period to my sentencse (see )

I've decided that I will try and keep this blog carefree and stress much as possible...I'm sure there are and will be ones that are much more serious and maybe even more that case I may have to result to politics, religion, current events, and hollywood out here it!
(I hope I don't get too many of you guys/gals rolling your eyes at me and thinking "she's a brainless twit" (of course you would be thinking that in a joking (see there it goes again....I think I need to join LOL/LMAO

This blog is seriously long isnt it...have you gained anything from it?...Can you now feel yourself growing smarter as you read it?...
(Hey you in the back there I said "smarter" not "stupider" i crack myself up sometimes...if you haven't figured it out i have a quirkly if not "corny" sense of humor...but I'll let you all be the judge of that...
hey this is kinda fun! I hope I dont annoy too many of you...i suppose if i do you dont have to come back and read anymore! of course i maybe like a car crash you cant help but
did you all get that?! jeez i hope so!...I'd hate to explain it...and if i have to explain it i may realize how lame it (damn whens' the next LOL/LMAO ANNONYMOUS MEETING!?
Okay I bet you all are wondering where in the world is this erotic story writing she mentioned in her first coming...keep your pants on!
I'm signing all my fine so I have no fans


Nocturnal10 38M

4/12/2006 12:40 pm

I am 26 male in Columbus ... id love to chat! I have pics to share

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