It's a Friday  

Alynxdra 34F
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7/28/2006 9:15 am

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8/14/2006 10:57 am

It's a Friday

down she goes
her knees hit the pillow
at his feet
she looks up at him
her brown almond shaped eyes
stare up at him trustingly
he glances down at her naked body
her breast high and firm
she's young
consenting age just barely
and he is well over the age of consent
his temples greyed over the years
his brillant blue eyes soften
as he thinks how luck he is
to have such a young beauty at his
so willingly
she reaches up with her small
hands and grasps his cock
bringing it to her red full lips
she tastes him with a single flick
of her tongue
a shiver runs through his body
as he stares mesmerized
breath held waiting for the
warmth of her mouth
he doesn't have to wait long
she presses her lips over the head of his cock
her mouth opens and he slips inside
the underside of his cock
slides over her velvet tongue
she moans softly
he closes his eyes briefly and
fists his hands at his thighs
as she takes him deeper
her lips stretched over his cock
he's lucky that his cock is one thing
that hasn't gone with his age
it's still as firm, large and thick
as when he was her age
she now moves gracefully up and down his cock
her long black hair sways back and forth with the motion
and he can't help himself
as he thrusts his hands into her silky ink black hair
and guides her mouth quicker up and down the length of him
she doesn't fight him
he is now taken over by his lust
his desire
his need to prove himself
to this young thing at his feet
he thrust his cock in and out of her mouth
and when he feels his orgasm coming quick
he warns her, merely out of curtesy, but
it is only a second later that he fills her mouth with his salty warm cum
he doesnt have to hold her head anymore
she greedily gulps down his cum
load after load
she wipes her mouth when he finishes
slowly licks him clean;
like a kitten after her first taste of warm milk
she looks back up at him
shyly now
and he offers her his hand and helps her to her feet
he pulls her close
she wraps her arms around his waist and he wraps his around her shoulders
"Thank you" he whispers as he kisses the top of her head
she just purrs and cuddles closer


rm_sinful01forU 41M
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8/5/2006 4:02 pm

Hot, very passionate, and sexy

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