I'm yours...I have no choice.  

Alynxdra 34F
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5/12/2006 6:10 am

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5/15/2006 5:16 am

I'm yours...I have no choice.

I'm yours. I have no choice with the way you have bond me. I have no choice. You tell me again that you wont do anything I dont want and I believe you.
You slide off the bed and tell me you'll be right back. Surprisingly I'm comfortable in this strange position and slose my eyes thinking about what you'll do next. I can feel my pussy tingle with anticipation. I can feel it getting wetter with every dirty thought that crosses my mind. I open my eyes when I hear you come back in. I see that you are carrying in your lap top and you place it on the dresser at the end of the bed. "be right back" you say as you whistle lightly.15 minutes later you have everything set up. You have me on web cam and you've made a few calls to let your friends know that this is live and Im on line to be viewed. Then off to the bathroom you go. I hear the water running then you come out with a cup of water, a bag of shavers, and some shaving lotion. Nervous I lick my lips and say softly "what are you going to do?" YOugrinned and looked pointedly down at my pussy. It's not untamed I keep it trimmed. "I'm going to shave you bald baby. Do you trust me?" you asked not really caring if I did or not. I could see it in your eyes you were going to do it whether I said yes or not. The phone rings. You picks up the phone listen say "shit I forgot" then hanging up the phone you tell me be right back. Coming back you have some kind of mic not just one actually more like 4 or five. Hooking them up on the headboard around my head. Then getting back on the bed with the water the blade and the cream you kneel beside me with your back to me. Glancing at the camera you make sure it's taking in everything. It is. "Now time to shave you" you shake the can of cream then spray it on me...."ooooohhhh that feels cool"...then with your hand you smear it on my pussy. Jiggling the shave in the warm water you then take it out and start shaving me. The blade feels strange on my skin. taking your time and being very careful you shave just above my clit and ckeaning off the blad in the water every once in a while you continue shaving my pussy bald. It feels strange and yet it's turning me on. When you finish you move out of camera view to let those log on see my clean hair free pussy. Everything now is so large looking. My pussy lips my clit. "So how do you like that guys. Look at that beautiful pussy.. Wouldnt you like to take a taste of that?"

iluv2eatpussy94 54M

5/12/2006 7:01 am

Can I ask, would you do something like that?

rm_vixen9112 55M
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5/12/2006 9:20 am

Have done it.Will do it again.I like a shaved pusy for eating and fucking.Will you do me as well?

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