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4/14/2006 6:12 am

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Easter is on it's way. Is the easter Bunny bringing you anything?
I hope everyone who "celebrates" this holiday has a great time.
I plan on hiding eggs and watching my nieces and nephews run around and find them.
Later on...very much later on it's the adults turn. A group of us go out on our own "egg hunt" only ours are filled with erotic suggestions, coupons and condoms...lol...it's harmless fun then we all get together have a few drinks and well...you can guess from there...
I know that our Easter Egg Hunt has absolutely NOTHING to do with what the holiday is all about!

Let's see what else...I'm not sure how to get people to look at my blog and to be quite honest I guess I haven't made it very interesting. Oh well. It's cathartic to me!

I would like to thank everyone who's e-mailed me!
It always amazes me how "popular" one is on the net. I mean walking down the street I get looks and suggestive come-ons but no one really comes up and really talks to me...on the net its so different. I guess its due to the fact that even if one is rejected it's not a face to face rejection so its easier to deal with. that's just my thought on that.
Well, more later. Take care everyone and have good Easter!

Chefbrian35 50M
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4/18/2006 7:08 am

hi hun how r u cute ???

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