Best Tasting Puddin!  

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1/23/2006 5:53 pm

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Best Tasting Puddin!

It was a couple of years ago when I had the distinct pleasure of tasting some of the finest puddin' in my lifetime.

She was a college student at the time, while I was in the business world. She had a bunk-bed situation with a roomie...that created a problem!

I went up one Monday evening to enjoy her company and exchange some lovin'. Her roommate had to suddenly make a quick errand down the street.

As soon as she walked out the door, "Click" went the lock on the door and I went to work!

I laid her on the bed with precision, wrestled her silky bedroom pants off, to find some SEXY RED SILKY Thong encasing her succulant pussy. I kissed delicately around her panties and it smelled sooooo delicious! She was moaning with delight and the teasing was driving her fucking Nuts! She demanded I got straight to the point!!!

Off came the panties and I went muff diving. Her pussy was so PERFECTLY shaven! It looking like the Chrysler Eagle logo! Anyways, her juices smelt like COTTON CANDY! I gave my Tongue the most lengthy workout of its existence. She showered my tongue with her love juices. She literally passed out out of exhaustion!

She barely had enough energy to put her clothes back on. Sure enough, as fate would have it, as she finished tying her draw-string from her pants, her roomie unlocked the door...

Needless to say, that Cotton Candy Pussy was the tastiest Pussy I have EVER had!
I hope to taste some tastier!!!!

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