The Letter  

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5/13/2006 6:53 am

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The Letter

I wanted to thank you for last night. For coming over and doing that thing you did to me.

I liked what you did to your hair and the way you smelt. Not like perfume, just fresh like first rain drops on hot asphalt.

Thanks for holding me like you did and touching me so softly. I never knew you cared so much. How could you have ever known I liked to be touched like that and those places.

How could one person know me so well and be able to convey their feelings to such depth? I wondered if it was all a dream or if you had somehow gotten into my mind. But again it was only when you touched me that way that I realized I always wanted to be touched liked that.

If only the world could have been there, and seen you through my eyes, they would understand why I love you the way I do.
I miss you my love. Even now as I sit here in my lonely tent waiting for your next email.

Decided to repost this one under my new name.

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