When you desire your cousin...!  

Alive_27 39M
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4/25/2006 11:54 am
When you desire your cousin...!

I don't know for you, but it seems that I fall easily for my female cousins!

I had a flirt some time ago with one, when I was much younger (around 19). We kissed with so much intensity. We played with each other at the theatre and let me know that I didn't follow the movie! We masturbated each other at other occasions as well. But we never got to really make love, to my deception. She became unease as the relationship deepened with regard to our family.
Anyway, she still bears a special place.

And this week-end, I renewed with a long lost cousin, and I can't say enough how gorgeous and desirable she is! I will see her again this summer and I am sure this will get somewhere!

Now that I am older and that she also is two years my elder, we know what we want and I don't see us getting distracted of what others might think!

Wish me luck!

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