Teaching sexuality - a new perspective  

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4/28/2006 4:10 pm

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Teaching sexuality - a new perspective

In our society, coming out of a time where sexuality was taboo, we are facing social issues and many men and women lived an unsatisfactory first few experiences. Learning is done with siblings, equally unexperienced. That can lead to mistakes hurting emotions and creating unexpected situations that bears long-standing consequences.

Why should it be learned the hard way? Could there be not something to improve to increase awareness of consequences such as pregnancy, STI, emotional scars, etc? Yeah, it is taught at school... its from books and academic discourse. Once "on the field", important details are forgotten, technicalities are not mastered or understood, things just don't work out like it is expected.

In some "primitive" societies, sexuality is taught explicitly by parents. There are many variants, some of which could gross some of you out. In some others, it was the whole village, an elder or a relative of some sort. But nevertheless, the point is having someone more experienced to teach not only technicalities, but also values!

The process should be made more supportive, an experience to grow from!

Of course, that got to be balanced out with bias such as pedophily, fetishsm, and other socialy inept ways of functioning - basically lacking the fundamental notion of respect each one of us expects as it is a power game here between the inexperienced/green and the "elder".

But I think you get my point. It is definitely not clear cut. I personally had the chance to contrast both what it was with a girl two years younger and another 6 years older. I learned a lot and felt confident, respected and supported in the process.

On a complementary note: such education should be also come with emotional management lessons: teach the power of hormones and the difference between love, lust and desire and what that can make someone do and let others to be misled.

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